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The Threats We Must Conquer

Feb. 7, 2012 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

The following is an outline intended for use with Lyndon LaRouche's February 6th Webcast "The Threats We Must Conquer: Nobody Will Survive This War." It is provided for you here, as LaRouche references in the latest installment of his discussion with the LaRouche Democratic Slate to be posted on this Lyndon LaRouche PAC site Feb. 8, as an indication of what must be the leading points of any effective organizing taking place in the United States and across the globe.


By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

February 6, 2012

There are presently two, immediately great threats to the entirety of our planet:

  1. A generally accelerating, combined monetary and physical economic-breakdown of the planet, an economic crisis centered in the Atlantic region.

  2. The immediate threat of a general thermonuclear-fusion attack on most of the planet as a whole, led by the British empire and its puppet-President of the United States, the mad lunatic Barack Obama.

  3. For the economic crisis, there are remedies, for the actions at war of President Barack Obama, there is nothing as much as an extinction, launched through a full-scale preemptive thermo-nuclear attack on Russia, China and other targets, with built-in design of globally preemptive methods of extermination consistent with the British monarchy's avowed intention to reduce the world's human population from seven billions persons, to not more than one billion.

  4. The Other Challenge, presuming that the thermonuclear intention of the British monarchy and its American puppet-President Obama were averted, is the urgency of replacing an incurably bankrupt trans-Atlantic monetarist system of western and central Europe and North America, by a virtually global shift of economic policy from the presently, hopeless bankrupted monetarist systems to the combination of a correction defined by U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt's original Glass-Steagall principle, combined with the institution of a system of national economies defined by systems of national credit based on the intention of national banking adopted under the original Federal Constitution of the United States, eliminating monetarist systems.

  5. This system of trans-national credit should pick up President Franklin Roosevelt's intention for a post-World War II fixed-exchange-rate system of economy.

  6. The matter of the worthless merchant-banking systems.

  7. The case of both the newly emerging Arctic development of the world's economy.

  8. The case of the immediate restoration of the NASA space-exploration, with a manned development of an operation base on the Moon, and the development of a future manned flight, driven by thermonuclear fusion, reaching Mars within a week's span.

  9. A space-defense program organized among cooperating nations to present catastrophes such as the extinction of the human species on Earth by something such as an asteroid.

  10. A program of development of the mastery of matter-anti-matter systems which will increase the accessibility of distant reaches of the Solar System, and beyond for future mankind.

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