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'The Presidency That Should Be'

Feb. 11 (EIRNS)—In a coherent, national effort to fill the vacuum of leadership now being disgustingly displayed in the U.S. presidential election campaign, the full slate of six LaRouche Democratic candidates has now announced its candidacy for the upcoming Congressional primary elections. Throwing their hats into the ring are (in order of declaration):

  • Kesha Rogers,  22nd C.D., Texas;
  • Summer Shields, 12th C.D., California;
  • Diane Sare,  5th C.D., New Jersey;
  • Rachel Brown, 4th C.D., Massachusetts;
  • David Christie,  9th C.D., Washington; and
  • Bill Roberts,  11th C.D., Michigan.

All six candidates have embraced the mission outlined by American economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche, who is conducting a series of webcast leadership discussions on the necessary economic and political platform. In the discussion posted Feb. 8, LaRouche expressed the objective this way:

"You must think as a composite president of the United States, like a presidency divided among six people, who are going to represent a Presidency, who are going to be a voice of a presidency that should be." "You are a composite candidacy, which is going to do all the things that are necessary in various parts of the country, all the things that a President should be doing in terms of campaign policy."

In statements issued upon their declarations of candidacy, all six candidates emphasized their dedication to

  • stopping the imminent threat of the British thermonuclear war drive by removing Obama from office;
  • re-instating Glass-Steagall; restoring the Hamiltonian credit system;
  • embarking on major national science drive projects, such as NAWAPA and the space program; and
  • restarting the foreign policy vision of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who envisioned a global partnership with Russia and China in bringing the world out of poverty and war.

The Federal LaRouche slate anticipates bringing more candidates into their leadership group during the course of the coming months. For, as the candidates stress, it is the exercise of policy leadership now, not in November, that will determine whether we have a nation at all in the six months to a year ahead.

Short clips from the declarations follow:

  • Kesha Rogers, who won the Democratic primary race in 2010 for the same district under the theme of "Save NASA, Dump Obama," announced on Dec. 11, 2011. Under the title of "A Real Campaign to Save the Nation," she noted,

"I am committed to making sure that someone in our country today, just being born, will be able to call back to Earth from a space station on Mars, in the year 2046, and relay the message, that because we acted 35 years ago, he or she is able to live out our mission for the progress of mankind, in our galaxy, and the universe."

  • Summer Shields, who ran against Nancy Pelosi as a write-in in 2010, announced on January 4. Under the title "FDR Recovery, Not Hyperinflation and Depression," Shields concluded his statement with

"Instead of endless wars, we need endless scientific development! Where is my opponent Nancy Pelosi on all this? Dangerously and conspicuously silent as usual. This is a battle cry for all freedom, liberty and Constitution loving Americans to fight! Learn a lesson from Rip Van Winkle; we are two minutes from midnight don't get caught sleeping. Awaken, citizen, and seize the future before the hour glass is spent."

  • Diane Sare declared on January 13, in a statement that emphasized the need to return to the Hamiltonian credit system, which read, in part:

"The question is, are we creating the conditions today, so that future generations will be more prosperous, live longer, and be better educated than we are now? If the government is not committed to that idea, then what is the point of having a government? If Presidential or Congressional candidates are not committed to the principles stated in the Preamble to the US Constitution, why are they running? It is time for you, the voter, to stop tolerating mediocrity and downright treason. Join with me, and the LaRouche Slate to rescue the future."

  • Rachel Brown, who ran a feisty campaign against the now-retiring Barney Frank in 2010, announced on Feb. 9. Her announcement led with a quote from Abraham Lincoln in his 1832 campaign:

"My politics are short and sweet, like the old woman's dance. I am in favor of a national bank... the internal improvements-system, and a high protective tariff," after which she outlined the slate policy with the same conciseness.

  • Bill Roberts announced for Congress on Feb. 10, with a statement of policy, including his pledge to provide "a clear bi-partisan presidential voice to those who have the guts to act now as patriots, instead of as blind partisans." He emphasized the need to readopt a Hamiltonian credit system and the NAWAPA great project, which is of special importance to reviving manufacturing in the Midwest, including devastated Michigan.

  • Dave Christie, in his Feb. 10 announcement, stressed his commitment to

    "providing the national leadership to restore the functioning of the institution of the presidency in this moment of grave crisis. We must now speak not of parties, but of universal principles, as Franklin Roosevelt said."

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