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LaRouche Takes to the Airwaves
To Give Marching Orders:
Obama Must Be Removed From Power

Feb. 20, 2012 (EIRNS)—In two high-powered radio interviews, and a live presentation on Lydon LaRouche PAC-TV over the past 10 days, Lyndon LaRouche insisted that the only pathway to avoiding an increasing danger of the outbreak of a thermonuclear confrontation, triggered by puppets of the British empire, is to remove President Barack Obama from office.

Speaking with Alex Jones on Feb. 10, LaRouche reviewed the escalating war drive by the British, and then posed the challenge:

"But, in this case, what's happening is, the British are in control of this thing, and Obama's nothing but a British puppet. He's also insane, and the significance is, that as President of the United States, with his insanity, and the power he's using with the direction of the British, he could cause World War III, thermonuclear World War III. So, if we don't remove him from power, as it stands now, here we've got two options. You have to think of what's the British option: The British option is if they can't win it any other way, they are now prepared to order, through the President of the United States, the launching as of our submarine fleet in the Pacific, to launch the greatest capability in thermonuclear warfare that exists on this planet! Without the United States under control of the British, under Obama's control, that could not happen. Therefore, we have to get Obama out! Because the most likely way to save this nation, if we continue to tolerate Obama, if he continues to be President, they're not going to wait for the next election in the United States! The danger comes now! We don't know the exact date, but we're approaching that point."

Then again on Feb. 17, LaRouche spoke for one-half hour with Columbus talkshow host Khari Enaharo, where he pressed the same issue. Challenged by Enaharo on how impossible the task appeared, because of the cowardliness of the Democrats, LaRouche said:

"It is going to happen, it can happen. There are Democrats who are leaders, in particular, and among these leaders, who may look pretty cowardly today—but you've got to take into account what the Obama administration is doing; it makes them cowardly. But with just those kinds of leaders coming together, and one or two of them coming up as a candidate for President, a Democratic Party leadership in this election campaign would be sufficient to get us moving in a completely different direction."

On Feb. 18, LaRouche again delivered the message in a 20 minute address on LaRouche PAC-TV. He noted that a convergence of crises was coming in March, and that time was very short to prevent British puppet Obama from giving the British the war they wanted, particularly against Iran.

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