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Obama's Thermonuclear Holocaust:
President Clinton's Fatal Mistake

Feb 27, 2012 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Today, as we go about our usual business, few among us have even a clue that we are all living on borrowed time. In fact, were it not for the efforts of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey, and a small handful of others among our patriotic military, much of human civilization would already have been annihilated in a global thermonuclear war.

One need only pick up a newspaper to know that the entire, rotten global financial system is but a rotting corpse. That fact is not breaking news. However, faced with the bankruptcy of the entire trans-Atlantic system, the dying British Empire is currently using the threat of thermonuclear war to induce the nations of Russia and China to give up their commitment to economic sovereignty and progress. If Russia and China continue to refuse to submit, London intends to provoke a thermonuclear exchange between the United States and Russia that would render the human species extinct. Were an attack initiated from the United States, Russia and China would have no other option than to respond with their full capabilities. The implications of this scenario mean the probable extinction of human civilization as we know it, precisely as Gen. Dempsey's warnings have implied. This is a truth that few of America's so-called leaders are willing to face. And, as Lyndon LaRouche has warned, the upcoming March 4 elections in Russia, might just be the trigger for them to let those missiles fly — and they will strike suddenly and without warning.

Despite attempts by the British Empire to bring regime change to Moscow, Vladimir Putin remains strong, and has resisted all efforts to force him to fold. Open death threats have been printed in the mainstream press, typified by Foreign Policy magazines 'Putin Is Already Dead,' and Boris Berezovsky's remarks that Putin deserves the "Qaddafi treatment." In stark contrast to every national leader in Europe, however, Russia has steadfastly refused to surrender its national sovereignty to London's monetary empire, and instead, in partnership with China, has pursued an aggressive commitment to science and progress — nuclear power, fusion research, Arctic exploration, lunar colonization — everything which the trans-Atlantic world has rejected in the name of going green.

But, the most dangerous aspect of the current situation is that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is a homicidal puppet of the British Empire. Obama has already shown himself to be a killer—look at the precedent of Muammar Qaddafi. Just like Hitler before him, Obama will eliminate his opposition unless he is removed from office first. Who else is Obama prepared to kill?

There is no hope for the United States or anyone else on this planet, unless the President to be elected is neither one of the four Republicans now on stage, nor the treasonous mimic of the ancient Roman Emperor Nero, British imperial puppet and established mass-murderer Barack Obama.

Any Democrat who supports an Obama re-nomination must be either mentally deficient, or as Lyndon LaRouche has described it, a Democrat who suffers a tendency for a lack of excessive courage for the true cause, at this time of truly existential world crisis.

Take the case of former President Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is highly intelligent and a usually highly moral American patriot. But, he has made a terrible mistake by capitulating and agreeing to give public support to Obama. It is a mistake that, if not corrected, could be fatal for the nation. What possible excuse could account for this? Perhaps he will argue that the Republican candidates are worse. Or, perhaps the unspoken excuse is his attempt to protect his wife from further brutalization at the hands of Obama. Or perhaps the former President is gun shy following the assault that was launched against him (and almost cost him his presidency) following his attempt to do something great: to initiate a new, more just world economic order.

Ultimately, none of the excuses are important. President Clinton's capitulating to Obama is demoralizing the Democrats, by insisting on trying to rally them around the Democratic party rather than providing them with a real viable alternative. Support for Obama may mean the death of most people of the United States, yet Clinton is still pushing it.

In a statement released today, LaRouche was blunt:

"Obama's operation is key to sending the United States into a thermonuclear global warfare! It's only to the degree that we're out to dump Obama, that we can possibly save this nation from destruction. Therefore, anyone who is supporting Obama has to be denounced as a damn fool, or worse. If we're serious, that's the issue. President Clinton has made a terrible mistake. We hope he corrects it. What he's put forth as a policy can result in the death of the nation."

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