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LaRouche: In the Wake of Putin's Victory,
Nothing Has Changed: Threat of
Thermonuclear War Still on the Table

March 5, 2012 (EIRNS)—In the wake of the strong victory by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in the March 4 presidential elections, Lyndon LaRouche issued the following statement to LaRouche PAC-TV on the implications of that development.

"Nothing has changed. Over 82% in Russia have voted against the enemy, but nothing has changed from what I have said over the past several months, that thermonuclear war is on the table.

"We do not know that there will not be a blast at any moment. That's the situation we've been put into by the idiots in the United States and Europe who have allowed Obama to remain not only as a candidate in the next elections, but to remain as President of the United States. That fact has created this situation: the surprise extinction of the human species is a real possibility which now exists because Obama was not removed from office. Nothing has changed from that. The only uncertainty is because the human will is capable of deciding to change.

"The failure to remove Obama from office under the 25th Amendment Section 4 or by impeachment, has now created a situation that there is no certainty that the human race will not be extinguished sometime tonight or in the near future. Nothing has been done to change that. No one has the right to believe that they will not be rendered extinct, from this moment on.

"I'm calmly sitting here, wondering if I'm going to be extinct by morning, or the morning after. Besides me and a select few people in the United States security services, nobody has the right to believe that they will not be rendered extinct from this moment forward. This includes Bill Clinton, who has walked into a situation where he and other people are subject to immediate extinction from here on in.

"There are a few people in the United States who are competent, but in terms of others, there is nothing. People who didn't throw Obama out, are responsible if anything bad happens. This includes Bill Clinton. Let's hope we survive and Obama is removed from office. It has to be removal by Section 4 of the 25th amendment or impeachment. Any other way is too late for anyone to consider."

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