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World Wildlife Fund 'Living Planet Report
2012' Demands Dead Human Population

May 15, 2012 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

As part of the new offensive by the Club of Rome and imperial Schellnhuber crowd, the World Wildlife Fund yesterday released its latest Living Planet Report 2012, based on the fraud of the "ecological footprint," another term for fixed resources. The report claims that humanity's "pressure" on nature to supply its needs would require 1.5 planets in order for Earth's "biocapacity" to recover each year. If that continues, mankind by 2030 would need two planets and by 2050 almost three. And in an act of cynicism only Obama could rival, the report was released "internationally," from the International Space Station, by so-called WWF ambassador, astronaut Andre Kuipers, who expostulated on seeing how tiny our planet Earth looks from space, rather than expanding outward to explore our Solar System and galaxy as required by the Extraterrestrial Imperative.

According to the WWF, the ecological footprint has doubled since 1966 and continues to grow, currently reaching 18 billion "global hectares," (Gha) defined as the area of the globe it takes to produce a person, including, of course, what is needed to "naturally bind CO2." But the planet's "biocapacity" of "natural regeneration" is only 12 billion Gha or 1.8 Gha/per person, instead of what they claim is currently 2.7 Gha per person. Of course, because "CO2 emissions are too high," the global hectare figures are exploding, and, as the WWF claims, humanity is currently consuming 1.5 times as much in natural resources as can be renewed in a year.

But all of this idiotic "Tavistalk" aside, the genocidalists at the World Wildlife Fund make sure their footprint is in jackbooted lockstep with the Royal Society's anti-population drive, writing: "Human population dynamics are a major driving force behind environmental degradation. One aspect of this is the overall size of the global population, which has more than doubled since 1950 — to 7 billion in 2011 and is forecast to reach just over 9.3 billion people by 2050."

This is completely quackery, as we know — used to justify destruction of production and consequent destruction of population. The contrast of the ideologically defined "ecological footprint," to Lyndon LaRouche's scientific concept of defining the increase of relative potential population density, by increasing energy-flux densities, as the measure and motor of successful economic policy, could not be more clear. Our material provides ample opportunity to clean up the environment from such slime-mold.

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