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LaRouche: Obama Must Be Impeached
To Stop Threat of Thermonuclear War

July 23, 2012 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche stated again today that the only way to ensure that the world does not plunge into thermonuclear world war is to impeach President Obama before September. LaRouche issued this statement in response to the surfacing of new revelations that the President is preparing to bypass the United Nations Security Council and directly escalate the drive to overthrow the Assad government in Syria.

According to senior U.S. intelligence sources, the "humanitarian interventionists" inside the Obama Administration, led by Susan Rice and Samantha Power, are pressing for the U.S. to openly provide heavy weapons to the Syrian opposition, including anti-tank weapons. Such action would represent a direct provocation against Russian. President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated his "Putin Doctrine" of absolute defense of the system of sovereign nation states, built around the United Nations Security Council. A serious violation of the "Putin Doctrine," he has warned, could lead to thermonuclear confrontation.

A flurry of news leaks over the past 72 hours confirm a major escalation in the Obama assault on Syria, Russia and China.

LaRouche declared today:

"It is time to throw Obama out. Obama is committed to a Libya-style operation in Syria. He must be immediately impeached in the interest of world security. The threat of thermonuclear war, provoked by Obama's actions against Syria, and, potentially Iran, cannot be ignored. Forget the little jerks who say that the threat of nuclear war is not serious."

LaRouche added that there are

"many impeachable crimes by Obama that could form the basis for his removal. It must happen before September, if we are going to assure that we avoid thermonuclear extinction."

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