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Obama and the Timetable for War

Aug. 10, 2012 (EIRNS)—The following statement was released today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Senior Democratic Party and intelligence community sources have all confirmed that the Tuesday unanimous consent in the U.S. Congress, reversing last week's House vote to remain in session through the August period, was engineered by the White House and was motivated, in part, to give Obama a free hand to unleash the Guns of August, including a possible direct U.S. military intervention in Syria to overthrow the Assad regime.

The war danger, Lyndon LaRouche said today, is coming from Barack Obama and his diplomatic "Witches' Coven" operating from inside the UNO and the international drugs-pushing league. The present Obama-led timetable for thermonuclear world war is set by the accelerating disintegration of their trans-Atlantic financial system—not by any secondary timetables or considerations such as the gobbledegook extreme-right-wing varieties of persons lacking strategic sobriety, remaining unchecked within Israeli politics.

Obama and Co. have unleashed massive destabilizations and chaos throughout the entire region, from Syria, to Iran, to Chechnya, all the way to China. These are not "revolutions," nor "Arab spring" developments, nor anything of the sort, LaRouche has stated. These are Obama-led, implicitly thermonuclear threats against leading, fraudulently insulted sovereign nations; the danger of thermonuclear holocausts is getting hotter and hotter; threats constituting an escalation of build-up through a general thermonuclear World War III, unless stopped now.

Those who have the guts, must act to separate Obama Constitutionally from the White House. As of now, Obama is being sustained only by the cowardice and confusion of his critics, many of whom are considering—but have not yet acted upon—LaRouche's full "Full Recovery" program for the nation, which is the core of all measures to be taken. The print edition of that program—the only actual alternative to the trans-Atlantic meltdown—had begun to circulate widely on Capitol Hill by today.

U.S. political leaders who are deferring to virtual madman Barack Obama, are playing with several recreational objects of their own bodies, in addition to begging for their own extinction by the antics of Barack Obama.

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