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Remove Obama from Power Now!

Sept. 13, 2012 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

In the wake of the tragic killing of Ambassador Stevens in Libya, the United States Congress and political leaders should finally learn their lesson, said LaRouche PAC founder Lyndon LaRouche today. President Obama's implementation of the British policy of regime change in Libya, in the name of "humanitarian intervention," is the direct cause of this disaster. And if he is permitted to continue in office, where he is pursuing the same policy—despite resistance—in Syria, he is going to lead the world into a thermonuclear World War III.

LaRouche said

"I warned the Congress at the time, against permitting the President to launch this illegal, aggressive war to topple Qaddafi. But the Senate, led by the pusillanimous Sen. Kerry, refused to act to defend the Constitution. The result was an alliance with al-Qaeda operatives and other London jihadists, who have now been deployed as a force of permanent warfare, including against the United States."

"The U.S. military knew at the time of Libya, as did the Russian and Chinese governments, that the toppling of Qaddafi would lead to bringing chaos and the jihadists to the fore. Defense Secretary Gates and Sen. James Webb (D-VA) warned against alliances with the armed opposition, and credible intelligence on the presence of leading al-Qaeda operatives among the 'liberators' was published. But Obama and his British anti-sovereignty crowd were determined to go ahead, with the known result. Indeed, according to White House logs, Obama has not even been paying attention to the consequences of his Libya caper, reportedly not attending White House Intelligence briefings for a week before this attack.

"Tragic as the events in Libya are, the potential for catastrophe in the Obama Administration's policy on Syria is even worse. Once again, the Administration—despite military opposition—is demanding regime change, and working to support the al-Qaeda/jihadist armed groups which are carrying out terrorist bombings, torture, and summary executions to get it. In Syria, the victims are currently primarily the Syrian military and the Christian and Shi'ite minorities, not Americans.

"But, if the Obama policy of regime change continues, Americans—and the entire world—will be the victims, as he will be moving inexorably toward a confrontation with Russia and China that would result, if unchecked, in World War III.

"Immediately after the butchery of Qaddafi—an act deliberately planned by Obama and his cohorts in England and France—I warned that this action represented 'an implicitly deadly threat to world peace.' What was evident was the intent, by Obama's controllers in the British monarchy, to provoke 'a chain-reaction-like series of outbreaks of warfare,' which could escalate dramatically and out of control."

In March of this year, a courageous Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) acted to try to stop this process, by introducing HCR 107, a resolution that reasserts Congress's unique responsibility and power over the declaration of war, and threatens that any violation of that Constitutional provision would be an impeachable offense. Only 10 members of Congress have signed on to this reassertion of the Constitution, so far. Thus we remain in the hot danger zone.

LaRouche concluded:

"The only assurance we have of preventing this President from doing something crazy, is to remove his power. This will take a major mobilization of leading circles—some of which is already underway. But time is very short. The interests of world peace demands that we learn the lessons of Libya, before it's too late."

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