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LaRouche PAC Releases Blockbuster:
‘How Andrew Jackson
Destroyed the United States’

Dec. 4, 2012 (EIRNS)—This press release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

The hammerlock now preventing the U.S. Congress from taking the actions required to save the United States and the world from the British Empire's policies of depopulation through genocidal austerity or nuclear war, does not lie in any procedure or political force,per se. It resides in the minds of the majority of American citizens, who remain enslaved by the myth of the most treasonous President we have ever had, Andrew Jackson.

As Lyndon LaRouche put it on Dec. 3:

Since Jackson's treason, "we have never actually fully regained the sovereignty of the United States as it was provided by its Constitution. And the time has come now, that the only thing that will save the United States, is throwing out those, who represent the tradition of the Andrew Jackson fraud."

It was the Jackson Presidency, from 1828 to 1836, which ripped apart the American System of economics and politics, with repercussions that still potentially fatally corrupt our system today. Steered by his British controllers, the manipulable Jackson both founded the political party system, and ripped apart the American credit system, most importantly by destroying the Second Bank of the United States. These actions amounted to treason, and led directly to the Civil War, as Congressman and former President John Quincy Adams pointed out at the time. They have done permanent damage which must now be reversed.

Today, the Obama Administration is poised to finish the destruction of the United States which Andrew Jackson's Presidency began, using populist and partisan rantings to destroy the country economically, and perhaps in World War III. The Jacksonian Republicans are buying into the same game. To create the conditions to thwart this threat, the LaRouche Political Action Committee has released a new exposé, How Andrew Jackson Destroyed the United States, which is must-reading for those who would save the United States from being crushed by the British Empire.

The party system Jackson implemented must be put aside, and the American System of economics which his destruction of the Bank of the United States accomplished, put in its place.

The 48-page pamphlet exposing Jackson's treason is available at

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