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LaRouche: Cancel Hyperinflation and
Enact Glass-Steagall,
or Be Responsible for Genocide

Feb. 19, 2013 (EIRNS)—In a short statement crafted to make crystal clear the consequences of the U.S. Congress failing to enact legislation to re-enact Glass-Steagall banking separation immediately, Lyndon LaRouche, in his Feb. 15 Lyndon LaRouche PAC webcast, pulled no punches. Those who are out to prevent the re-institution of Glass-Steagall, he said, are, whether they know it or not, responsible for "the greatest population reduction scheme so far in known history."

The world-famous forecaster emphasized that the bailout system is at an end, no matter what. But if Glass-Steagall is not enacted, the international cabal that runs the current bankrupt monetary system will simply let it blow up, and reorganize their system in such as way as to write off obligations to the mass of the population. The result, he said, will be mass starvation, genocide.

Over recent days, even prominent Wall St. spokesmen have provided backup for LaRouche's analysis, by exposing the dramatic rate of hyperinflation being pumped into the financial system, with no positive effect on the real economy, but building up a bubble set to explode. Lyndon LaRouche PAC has taken the data from these spokesmen to craft charts that demonstrate this galloping rate of monetary emission—with nothing to back it up.

Charts exemplifying this process, from the Federal Reserve's own data, are available in the Organize section of www.larouchepac.com.

Lyndon LaRouche PAC is presently saturating Capitol Hill with LaRouche's Feb. 15 message, along with the insistence that Congress move immediately to pass HR 129, Rep. Marcy Kaptur's bill to re-instate Glass-Steagall, and push through a similar measure in the Senate as well. This must be done before any other piece of economic legislation is passed.