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LaRouche: 'Obviously,
McCain Is Not What He Once Was'

April 26, 2013 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Until Thursday, April 25, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in order to avoid a war, had separated the U.S. Government from wild British, French and Israeli claims that Syria has employed chemical weapons. But no longer. On Thursday, the White House sent a letter to Senators McCain and Levin which flatly contradicted the Pentagon to say that

"our intelligence community does assess with varying degrees of confidence that the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale in Syria, specifically the chemical agent sarin." [Emphasis added.]

"They have no such evidence," said economist Lyndon LaRouche.

It was John McCain who solicited this letter in complicity with Obama, and John McCain who immediately hit the airwaves to brandish the letter, to claim that Obama's "red line" had been crossed and the U.S. must take military action, i.e., go to war.

In response, Lyndon LaRouche today said:

"McCain is insane. He's mentally over the edge. We should probably, I think we should take the view, well, McCain is probably over the edge. The only way you can deal with that is to say, quote me, as saying that obviously McCain is not what he once was.

"Obama is using him: you have a lunatic, and a man with a weakened mind. The White House is not only feeding him, it's giving him his whole life.

"We should put out the fact that this is a formerly leading member of the Senate, whose opinions are no longer to be taken seriously. Some other people, like Carl Levin, might be going along with this thing for their own reasons, for their own motives.

"We're dealing with war. When you get to one of these stunts like this, which is a political stunt, you call it for what it is. Otherwise, if you try to deal with it in a polite way, you are creating a problem where none existed.

"McCain does not really have all his mental faculties. He doesn't have all his marbles. He no longer has the marbles he once played with. That's sad, because the British are using him, and they're doing that to try to make the case. It's all innuendo; he has no facts whatever. There's no evidence whatsoever; he's being played by the British on this thing, has not got his own marbles working, and neither he nor anyone with him has any evidence whatever."

Washington Post military correspondent Walter Pincus pointed out today that war on Syria would be illegal, to which LaRouche replied:

"That's true. And it goes back to the Joint Chiefs, who realize you're talking about going to thermonuclear World War III on the basis of bullshit.

"McCain is being suckered into singing bullshit for lack of music."