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LaRouche PAC Glass-Steagall
Mobilization Shook Washington

May 9, 2013 (EIRNS)—LaRouche PAC delegations took Washington, D.C. by storm on May 8-9, just as both chambers of Congress returned from a week of recess in their home districts (three weeks in DC, one week in the District is the current Congressional schedule). The LaRouche PAC activists told the Congressmen to cut the nonsense about Dodd-Frank and other non-solutions, and sponsor and pass Glass-Steagall as the first step to economic recovery. In every case that aides tried to tell them that under the current Zeitgeist Congress wouldn't pass it, the delegations would have none of it and told them what would happen it they did not pass it, and laid out the plans for rebuilding the world it would make possible.

Twenty-two LaRouche PAC organizers from Purcellville, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, and Virginia mobilized 68 LaRouche supporters from Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, to go to Washington to force Glass-Steagall and Hamiltonian policies through. Big banners, umbrellas, and mass leafletting drew attention to the Days of Action. To get a sense of the intensity:

  • LaRouche PAC had 16 face-to-face meetings with Representatives or Senators;

  • LaRouche PAC buttonholed 17 additional Representatives or Senators to discuss the map of state action for Glass-Steagall, letters from Europe, Colombia, Mexico, Iceland, and U.S. national organizations, and the need to do it here, in the U.S., now;

  • LaRouche PAC had 36 meetings with House or Senate aides which had been set up;

  • 58 drop-offs were made to relevant offices, of the Glass-Steagall legislation HR 129, LaRouche PAC's pamphlet on Restoring Hamilton's National Bank, international letters of support; in some of these cases, substantial conversations/meetings occurred impromptu. Two New York Congressmen became so enraged at LaRouche PAC's polemics that they personally threw their constituents out of their offices.

LaRouche PAC also lobbied 13 state capitals around the U.S. this week:

  • Austin, Texas;
  • Sacramento, California;
  • Lincoln, Nebraska;
  • Boston, Massachusetts;
  • Lansing, Michigan;
  • Trention, New Jersey;
  • Albany, New York;
  • Phoenix, Arizona;
  • Springfield, Illinois;
  • Dover, Delaware;
  • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania;
  • St. Paul, Minnesota; and
  • Seattle, Washington (the Washington Legislature is out of session in Olympia).

LaRouche PAC-TV has posted on-the-ground video footage from Washington, D.C.; Sacramento, California; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Boston, Massachusetts, viewable at www.larouchepac.com.