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Putin Visit to South Korea
Spotlights Development Thrust

Nov. 13, 2013 (EIRNS)—Russian President Vladimir Putin and South Korean President Park Geun-hye today signed a truly massive set of agreements for close cooperation—apparently based on (unofficial) agreements with North Korea, worked out with Russia's input—

  • to move ahead with rail and pipeline construction through North Korea;

  • for South Korea to join the Russian-North Korean consortium running the rail projects and port development in the development zone of Rason in North Korea;

  • for South Korea's expanded role in the development of the Russian Far East; and

  • for major shipbuilding cooperation—and more.

At the same time, China and North Korea are moving ahead with their cooperation at the same Rason development zone, in the northeast corner of North Korea, on a separate but parallel track with the Russian projects there.

This development is a crucial step toward the success of Lyndon LaRouche's vision of massive development of the Pacific Basin—which the U.S. can and must join, for its own survival.

President Park described the set of agreements coming from her meeting with President Putin:

"We, the two leaders, agreed to combine South Korea's policy of strengthening Eurasian cooperation and Russia's policy of highly regarding the Asia-Pacific region to realize our mutual potential at the maximum level and move relations between the two countries forward. South Korea and Russia will join hands to build a new Eurasian era for the future."

The coming EIR Online will feature fuller coverage of this highly significant development.