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LaRouche Webcast Presents Empire
Genocide Policy, and How To Stop It

Nov. 20, 2013 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

LaRouche PAC's regular Friday night webcast, on Nov. 15, featured a documentary presentation on the ongoing genocide against the U.S. and world population, which provides a definitive indictment of the Obama Administration and the Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy he serves. In combination with the "Worse Than Weimar" statement, which LaRouche issued on Nov. 13, this webcast represents the leading edge of the offensive with LaRouche PAC will be carrying out in the period ahead.

"We have one main option: throw this President out of office and keep the reform with Glass-Steagall," LaRouche said on Nov. 18. "Glass-Steagall and throwing this President out of office, are the two things that will define everything we'll do until some big change forces us to change subject-matter."

The series of 16 charts presented Nov. 15, along with the full video, are available on the LaRouche PAC website. Following their presentation, LaRouche emphasized the necessity for focussing on the cause of these horrors, which lies in the imperial financial system which controls most of the world, and operates through Wall Street in the United States. The oligarchical principle which that system enforces is the major enemy of the United States and the world, he said; in fact, the United States was created in order to destroy that oligarchical system. What's required today is a return of the United States to playing its original role, in liberating the world from this system.