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LaRouche PAC Announces
Pearl Harbor Day Webcast:

'Creating the Trans-Pacific
Fusion Economy'

Dec. 2, 2013 (EIRNS)—The LaRouche PAC Basement Research team will hold a live international webcast at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time, on Dec. 7, 2013, devoted to the theme "Creating the Trans-Pacific Fusion Economy." The webcast will be aired in English, Spanish, German and French at the LaRouche PAC website, available at www.larouchepac.com.

Taking off from the desperate, life-threatening conditions being created, especially in the trans-Atlantic region, by the current British imperial global financial system, Basement team members will present thermonuclear fusion power, as the next essential step for human progress.

In the invitation, LaRouche PAC emphasizes the immediate promise of fusion power:

"Human society, by its very nature, demands growth! Specifically, human progress can be measured by the increasing energy flux density of society, and the next stage in human development — fusion power — is actually much closer than you might think. Despite being suppressed and delayed for decades, fusion holds the promise of not only meeting all the energy needs for a growing global population, but provides the basis to address all the resource, food, and water needs as well.

"While Europe is still under the grip of a zero-growth paradigm, it is across the Pacific that the United States has inherent allies in the creation of a new future, a fusion-based economy. China, Russia, South Korea, Japan, and other nations are ready for an alliance with the United States, premised on a pro-growth, high-technology development of the trans-Pacific region. This includes great water projects, high-speed rail, and associated mega-projects which will transform the territory stretching westward from the Mississippi, deep into the Asian continent; creating a new era of prosperity and development over the next two generations. It is up to us to make this alliance a reality, and set this nation on the right path."