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Bob Graham on 9-11:

You Don't Have Everyone Moving the Same Direction Without a Head Coach Somewhere

Dec. 3, 2013 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

The last part of the interview of former Senator Bob Graham with the Real News Network has been posted. The theme of the interview was the culture under Bush and Cheney of "not wanting to know." Graham brings up very specifically what the FBI calls the "coincidence" of the two hijackers in the same restaurant as a Saudi agent dispatched by a Saudi consular official, who invites them to San Diego.

When the interviewer asks what should be taken up in a re-opened investigation, Graham says that a new probe should ask whether there was someone assisting the hijackers, and what was "the extent of Saudi involvement."

Asked whether there is any evidence linking Prince Bandar to the attacks, Graham responds that there is some evidence that he can't talk about, and adds:

"But the fact that he [Bandar] had, and exercised as aggressively as he did, his special entrée at the White House, raises questions about why was he using that special entrée, for instance, to get people who were persons of interest to U.S. intelligence and law enforcement, out of the country before they could be interviewed."

The interviewer presses on Bush and Bandar, and whether there was a deliberate attempt "not to know." Graham answers:

"[I]t was so pervasive that virtually all of the agencies of the federal government were moving in the same direction, from a Customs agent at an airport in Orlando who was chastised when he denied entry into the United States to a Saudi, to the President of the United States authorizing large numbers of Saudis to leave the country, possibly denying us forever important insights and information on what happened. You don't have everybody moving in the same direction, without there being a head coach somewhere who was giving them instructions as to where he wants them to move."

Asked if this includes both before and after the events of 9/11, Graham says:

"Primarily before the event. After the event, it shifts from being an action that supports the activities of the Saudis, to actions that cover up the results of that permission given to the Saudis to act."