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Kesha Rogers Runs for Senate
To Restore JFK's True Legacy

Dec. 23, 2013 (EIRNS)—Even as President Obama's poll numbers have plunged to an historic low, including among Hispanics and younger voters, and his violations of Constitutional principles continue to mount, there has yet to be a serious effort in the nation's capital to remove him from office. None among established political leaders have stepped forward to lead an impeachment drive.

That changed Dec. 6, when LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers announced her campaign for the U.S. Senate in Texas. She released a statement, announcing that she is "running to fill the void created by bankrupt and corrupt leaders who have long stifled a direction towards true economic and scientific progress...." She pledged to end Wall Street bailouts and bail-ins, and the "looting of our nation's social safety net," through implementing three strategic pledges:

  1. Reinstating Glass-Steagall;
  2. Restoring NASA's capabilities;
  3. Impeaching Barack Obama.

Lest one assume that this campaign is the product of some Quixotic delusion, one must look at Rogers' past efforts. She twice won Democratic Party primaries for Congress in the 22nd District (which includes Houston), defeating candidates with full support and funding from Obama lackeys in the party, winning more than 50% of the votes cast by Democrats. This was acknowledged in the one article that appeared after her filing, on the Dallas Morning News political blog, in which the reporter warns that, in 2010 and 2012, she won "improbable victories," on a "platform [which] has been decidedly nontraditional."

Rogers' campaign is the intended as a flagship for the nation, in especial contrast to those Democrats, like Hillary Clinton, now running as "friends of Wall Street." Rogers demands that Wall Street be immediately shut down, through the imposition of Glass-Steagall banking separation.

Nontraditional indeed. Texas Democrats, members of a dying party since dropping their allegiance to the policies of scientific and technological optimism promoted by John F. Kennedy, in favor of Wall Street free trade and deregulation, mixed with anti-growth, fascist Greenie ideology, recognize that Kesha Rogers has a demonstrated capability of leadership to inspire voters to turn against their losing ways.

She will rekindle the hope for the future that is the Kennedy legacy. While furious attacks will be launched against her, her campaign offers a new, perhaps final opportunity, to rid the nation of Obama and his controllers, and return it to boldly exploring the "New Frontier" promised by JFK.