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LaRouche's January 3 Webcast: A Vital
Exposition of Promethean Science

Jan. 7, 2014 (EIRNS)—In the wake of his Jan. 3 webcast, Lyndon LaRouche directed his associates to give the transcript and video the widest possible circulation. This is currently underway on Capitol Hill. In addition, the transcript is available on and, and will be the leading feature in the January 10 edition of EIR Online.

To underscore the significance of the webcast, LaRouche issued the following memorandum on Jan. 4:

This Friday's January 3rd international webcast had concentrated on the global character of our planet's currently urgent subject, that of the crucial role of the currently vitally urgent issues of the Promethean method's essential insight into the currently world-wide social-economic crisis now facing the human species. The facts presented have an urgent importance for the population of every leading nation on the planet presently. I explain:

Consider what is, in immediately present fact, the presently global thermonuclear crisis of our planet. The entirety of the political economies of our planet (and actually somewhat beyond) are presently engaged in posturing with opinions and actions which portend the actually immediate and accelerating movement toward a global thermonuclear war. Hence, by the nature of the policies presently operating from among the principal nations of this planet, such a war would be, almost certainly, an extinction of the human species planet-wide.

The principal source of every virtually planet-wide section of Earth's planet currently, and since the known history of nations to date, has been a pattern of recurring forms of warfare among peoples and nations, a pattern in which, known ancient and modern histories have been dominated by what is known, scientifically, as warfare against the generality of the human species, warfare launched chiefly by oligarchical political-economic systems. We are currently at the brink of such a resurgence of oligarchical warfare which had been motivated by specifically oligarchical (often actually imperial) systems akin in nature and spirit to such examples as the mass-assassination of the population of ancient Troy, the mass-murder of, in particular, the Christians of the time of such as the prophets Peter and Paul, or of similar mass-murders of Jews, as in the case of the Adolf Hitler regime, and, similarly, the current so-called "environmentalist" movement directed by trans-Atlantic powers associated with the leading role of the Anglo-American fellow-travellers of what are clearly typified as "Wall Street" interests.

Notably, on this account, the typifying, immediate sample of that factor such as trans-Atlantic-centered pro-genocide impulses is precisely, most clearly, the currently immediate, trans-Atlantic, monetarist phenomenon of "pro-environmentalist" genocide typified by the Anglo-Dutch American factor of what is typified by the Wall Street strata on both sides of the Atlantic.

Insofar as well-known ancient and modern cultures of this planet are clearly knowable for us from that past to the present date, all of the evils which have been a leading force in history up to the present moment, have been dominated by top-down, permeating reign under what is knowable as "the oligarchical dictatorship." Nearly all so-great "great wars" of our planet have been chiefly created by the oligarchical interests.

In all modern history, since the ancient Greek times of the conflict between what have come to be regarded as the merely mythical figures of Zeus versus Prometheus: The reality which is to be associated with the traditional effects of the conflict between the purely oligarchical Zeus against Prometheus, is the actual basis of the systemic character of the actually practical distinction of the policy of oligarchism from the policies of practice of Prometheus. This, I have emphasized throughout my own adolescent and adult life, is the difference between oligarchical policy in the tradition of Zeus and the same humanist spirit which has characterized the political and social intentions of all actual effects of an actually scientific form of progress, the form of progress which distinguishes man from those humans, such as "Wall Streeters" who rule over societies more as beasts, than men and women.

The Truth of This Matter

The existence of the human species has always depended, since mankind's often-referenced "Discovery of Fire," on the willful increase of the actual energy-flux-density which has been induced by men and women who have discovered, promoted, and developed the human power of increase of the energy-flux-density expressed as science-driven technologically-expressed progress in the practical conditions of continued advancement of the human species.

Hence, the difference between real man and women, and those aberrant, freakish creatures typified in today's trans-Atlantic world, as "Wall Street" and the British Empire.

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