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LaRouche: 'We're in a Countdown
Toward a Thermonuclear War'

Feb. 4, 2014 (EIRNS)—In his opening statement on the Feb. 3 LaRouche PAC discussion with LaRouche PAC's National Policy Committee, Lyndon LaRouche reiterated his judgment that mankind is in a countdown toward thermonuclear, and that the only intelligenct action to be taken to avoid it, is to throw President Barack Obama out of office immediately. We quote:

"What I've been saying since January 1st, is that we're now in a countdown toward a thermonuclear war. What we're in now is just provocations against Russia to try to set up a situation which will trigger a Russian response of the type they want, and then they will immediately launch thermonuclear war. Now, my time scale is saying, by the 1st of March, we are already at that time, if not earlier, we are on the verge of actual thermonuclear mutual extermination. Because, if you read what the policies have been stated, from the United States and from elsewhere, and from Russia, the point is, they recognize there's no advantage in waiting to do the second blow against either. They're all going to go together, virtually simultaneously.

"Now when you consider what that means, putting everything into a simultaneous assault, which is actually what the United States is stuck with right now is the only option, from a military standpoint, you have to go with pretty much everything you've got, and you have to do it all right up front. Because the way these things hit, they hit after each other, so it's boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom — hmm? And therefore, that's what you're up against.

"So therefore, my estimate is, that this thing has got to be brought to some kind of conclusion, either avoidance of war, or going to war, is going to be about the 1st of March, somewhere in that vicinity. It has to be that way. Because otherwise, other things are going to start kicking in as well.

"And what they have to fear, actually Washington, or really London is orchestrating this thing, not Washington, but as long as Washington is in that case of the grip of the British on this one, I think the time for a reaction against such a war, is wearing out. In other words, if the so-called nominal Obama administration — he's just a joke; he does not make the decisions, he mouths, echoes, whatever they tell him from London. He never was able to think; he wouldn't even run for President, unless London had come in with this woman had come in and recruited him to become a Presidential candidate. He have would never become a Presidential candidate without that operation. It was a British operation, run from London. So the British Empire's the one that's steering this thing; Obama's nothing but a stooge.

"And people have to understand that. Most Americans refuse to face the fact that this guy is a stooge! But, Wall Street is there, too! And Wall Street is London! Wall Street is the British Empire. So it's the British Empire that's orchestrating thing and a lot of dumb Americans, especially Republicans — the Republicans are the worst of this thing, because they have an absolutely insane agenda, it's almost as bad as that of their guy who pulled the stunt this past weekend.

"And this guy, should be thrown out of office by the Republicans! They shouldn't bother letting anybody else throw him out; they can throw him out of the roster. He [Rand Paul] did something against — an attack on Bill Clinton, which was clinically insane for any Republican to do!

"So that's the situation we're in, and therefore, very soon, if somebody tries to keep this operation going inside the United States, they're going to get a reaction. What they're counting on is that they'll be able to launch the war, the thermonuclear war internationally, before people get so sick of Obama, that they throw him out. If Obama were to be thrown out of office, which is the only intelligent purpose of any leading figure, I say "Throw this bum out of office, now, and you may save civilization, including the people of the United States! If you guys don't have the guts to throw this bastard out, then — our people don't deserve to live, in a sense." They haven't the courage, they don't have the leadership which would enable them to continue to live, because they're such fools!

"Just because they are ignorant, which they are, they didn't have to be ignorant; they chose to be ignorant. Or their parents told them how to be ignorant. Because my generation would never have waited this long. They'd have thrown him out!

"But the point is we've gone through successive generations, since World War I, World War II, and what could have been World War III if Kennedy hadn't prevented it. And that's where we are. And the problem is, you've got a bunch of lamebrains out there. You can not go to popular opinion to get popular opinion to come out and make a gesture of protest. Because popular opinion doesn't have the brains any more to do that!

"You have a strong minority of people, and actually a majority who don't like Obama, don't want any part of him, they want him thrown out; they haven't got the guts to do it. I do. They don't.

"And so it's my responsibility, since I have the guts to do it, to do it. Even my fellow Americans who are patriots don't have the guts right now to do it, they don't have the guts to save their own life, or save civilization! But it's understandable: It's only people who are leaders, like me, who really have the guts to do this, and here, I have to kick and push t try to get some brains showing up, among some of our people. They don't have the guts to do it; it do! And at this point, I have an advantage at my age, because I have nothing to lose, except for us to win. And that's the way you have to look at this.

"We're at a point where, within this month, maybe even earlier than immediately, it can happen very quickly. You're dealing with a detonation of a global world war, a simultaneously global world war! Not like World War I or World War II, simultaneously global. And everybody on both sides agrees: They can not do a step-by-step operation. They will come to provocations, to ignite the war, but they won't do a step-by-step war any more. This will be an instant global warfare, which if you consider the weaponry involved, means that the whole world will go through it, in a short period of time, about an hour and a half at most, before the entire planet is enveloped by the effects of this.

"Therefore, you have to do something: Throw this President out of office now! And just to rehearse that, we should throw Rand Paul out of office, for making the biggest ass of himself of anyone...."