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Vitrenko Touring Europe
To Expose Neo-Nazi Putsch

Feb. 26, 2014 (EIRNS)—Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, began a tour of Europe on Feb. 23, and on Feb. 24 keynoted a webcast from Paris, broadcast on the site of the Solidarity and Progress party ( She is accompanied by two other Ukrainian political leaders, Col. Valeri Sergachov, leader of the Kiev Rus Party, and a decorated veteran of the war in Afghanistan; and Volodymyr Marchenko, chairman of the Ukrainian Federation of Labor.

In her extensive presentation, which will be published in the upcoming EIR, Dr. Vitrenko included video footage never before seen in the West. In it, you see masked, heavily armed individuals, with Molotov cocktails and weapons, assaulting and setting fire to the police and storming government buildings. These are the demonstrations which have been characterized by Western governments as "peaceful protests" being repressed by the former government.

On Feb. 26, Vitrenko and her team visited the European Parliament, where they were scheduled to hold a press conference. Vitrenko also confronted European Parliament President Martin Schulz on the toleration of the new fascist government in Ukraine during Schulz's press conference—an action which drew press coverage in Ukraine, among other places.

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