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LaRouche: The Issue Is Not a War Inside Europe; the Issue Is Thermonuclear World War III

March 18, 2014 (EIRNS)—This release was issued today by the Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee.

In reviewing the international strategic situation after today’s speech by President Vladimir Putin to Russia’s parliament, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized that what is at issue is not a war around Ukraine or inside Europe. What is unfolding is the British Empire’s drive for thermonuclear World War III. LaRouche stressed that we have to mobilize the American people and Congress to recognize the real danger, not the bullshit being pumped out in the media, and to mobilize to impeach President Obama before he unleashes that thermonuclear war on instructions of the British Empire.

■∙∙∙∙The way Obama has played the Ukraine situation is designed to seek war, thermonuclear war, when there is no actual military threat coming from Russia, LaRouche elaborated. Russia is being put in a position where it has to act. But Russian President Putin has not been reckless; he has been very careful and cautious throughout. When Putin says Russia views what is happening as a threat to its existence and security, he means it. His demands have always been limited, so as not to be misunderstood. His demands have always been limited, so as not to be misunderstood.

■∙∙∙∙It is clear that Putin is looking ahead to the prospect of thermonuclear World War III, and is trying to prevent it. That is why there is so much interest of late in the Russia media in what I have to say, LaRouche noted.

■∙∙∙∙As for the media reports that the purpose of Vice President Biden’s current trip to Poland for scheduled meetings with NATO-members Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, is to "pledge additional security assistance" to them, and in particular to reaffirm and expand the U.S.-NATO anti-missile system deployment in that region, if that is the case, LaRouche emphasized, then Biden is furthering Obama’s drive for thermonuclear war, and he, too, is suspect of impeachment.

■∙∙∙∙The active deployment of the Aegis-equipped USS Donald Cook from its home base in Rota, Spain, is part of a change in posture that is underway, the crossover from a posture around Ukraine into one for general war, LaRouche said. Congress and the American people have to wise up to what is happening, and impeach this SOB. The time for stupidity is over; excess stupidity leads to radioactivity.