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LaRouche Points to China Lunar Project as International Standard

Aug. 6, 2014 (EIRNS)—During LaRouche PAC’s Aug. 1 webcast, moderator Dennis Small, in response to a question on the strategic crisis, stressed the following evaluation by Lyndon LaRouche:

“LaRouche emphasized that this—what the Chinese are now doing—is the example, the stellar example, that the world must follow today—not the fakery coming from many parts of the United States and from Europe, such as—he underscored—the mouth of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.” It is developments such as those China is leading, including the recent moves by the BRICS, the resistance of Argentina to the vulture funds, and the like, which are driving the British and their Wall Street errand boys into their current apoplectic push for confrontation with Russia, and world war.

Indeed, the Chinese lunar program represents the pinnacle of space exploration among space-faring countries today. This was even noted in a July 3 article in MINING.com, an industry publication, under the title “China is taking lunar mining seriously.” The article emphasizes China’s plans for returning to the Moon in the early 2020s, with the intent of scoping out the potential for mining rare minerals. They then note that “the big prize, when excavating the Moon, is helium-3....[It] is abundant and accessible on the Moon and could be used in nuclear fusion....”

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