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Zepp-LaRouche: How the Germans Can Solve Their Mental Block and Ensure Their Future

May 17, 2015 (EIRNS)—In a strategic overview article written May 15 for the German weekly newspaper Neue Solidarität, Helga Zepp-LaRouche briefly outlines the BRICS dynamic for real economic development, which is attracting ever more countries in the world, before asking the crucial question: What is preventing the political establishment in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, from becoming a part of this exciting alternative?

Her answer, for Germany, is that while reasonable sections of the establishment and so-called ordinary citizens readily admit that the economic concept of the BRICS is the right policy to pursue for the future, they are prevented from "pursuing their self-interest by a quasi-schizophrenic submissiveness, to comply with what is considered ‘politically correct’ in the new Cold War against Russia. One aspect of that is to blame Russia for being the aggressor in Ukraine, and for the ‘criminal, illegal annexation of Crimea,’ as Merkel recently repeated in Moscow."

The fact is, writes Zepp-LaRouche, that "after a long series of attempted regime change through color revolutions financed by [U.S. Assistant Secretary of State] Victoria Nuland & Co. and through the eastward expansion of NATO," Russia intervened literally "at the last minute" to prevent NATO from taking over the Russian fleet’s access to the Black Sea, which would have made Russia indefensible, as was emphasized by George Friedman of the Stratfor thinktank.

Merkel knew that, Zepp-LaRouche says, just as much as she knew about German cooperation with the NSA, in spite of the denials, "which should make her nose grow by a few meters."

"But why do so many other otherwise quite intelligent Germans submit to this political correctness of the new Cold War, which could lead, in the worst case, to the total extermination of Germany and of the entire world in a thermonuclear war?" The answer is "cowardice, and because it is more important for them to belong to the ‘club’ and to benefit from the privileges attached to that status, than to admit the truth and to eventually have to defend it."

Commemorating the defeat of Nazism 70 years ago, Zepp- LaRouche continues, is a good occasion to remember that just such cowardice "led many Germans in the 1930s, who were not at all National Socialists, to become collaborators, through eroding little by little their opposition to Hitler until they finally gave it up. The U.S.-supported putsch in Kiev [in February 2014] clearly brought to power Ukrainian fascists who admit allegiance to Stepan Bandera and use swastika-like symbols. Should that not upset us? But that fact is always denied under the motto: Our fascists are good fascists.

"But what would happen, asks our despondent German intellectual, if we actually come to the point of a military confrontation over Ukraine? Then, we would certainly need to be protected by NATO, wouldn’t we?

"If the Germans continue to hold onto this fallacy, we will soon all be dead. And who could be naïve enough to believe that Mrs. Merkel will remember her oath of office in this case, when she has evidently learned how to act so well—‘Spying among friends is unacceptable’—that one might propose she be awarded an Oscar. Or at least a cabaret prize....

"The question must be asked: Are we Germans still the people of poets and thinkers—or a Pinocchio fan club? Let us be optimistic and choose the first option."