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LaRouche on the Greek Crisis: The Only Way Out of This Mess

June 25, 2015 (EIRNS)—The European Union is just stalling, economist Lyndon LaRouche said today. That should be said. They’re just stalling. They know what the issues are, and the Greeks have made it clear that the issues are limited, so cut that crap out Because otherwise, if they’re not going to do that, then just call it off and move the Greeks off into a different department and they’ll leave Europe. That’s the only way to put it. Say, either you guys get reasonable, and stop trying to stretch out all these things,— the only thing to do is to make a statement

Say, the problem here, in this discussion, is that some parts of Europe are refusing to admit the fact that their governments, or their representatives, have committed a fraud against the Greek people. And those elements are demanding tha they get consideration: that the Greeks have to pay the debt, which a fraud has created. Just simply say that the fraud will not be honored.

You stole the money, for pure speculation, and you’re now demanding to get it all over again. And we’re saying, "No. You’ve stolen more than enough from us already.. That should b the slogan.

The fly in the ointment is, that an honest treatment of th debts which are attributed to the Greeks, would mean that we would be bankrupting major speculative interests in Europe and the United States in particular. Therefore the only way to settle this thing, is not to worry about what the Greeks are doing. The problem that Europe has to worry about, is the fact that the European debts, which are these gambling debts, are no fungible. Therefore, this would mean, for example, cancelling Wall Street, and going back to Glass-Steagall.

We should be saying, "You guys miss the point. Because, what you’re defending, are worthless assets. You’re trying to recommit a fraud, which you had already committed previously. Now, cut it out: what you have to do, is go to a global Glass-Steagall policy. Come along with the United States, and we’ll restore the Glass-Steagall policy in the United States. A we’ll cancel the worthless debts. And you, in Europe, you will cancel your worthless debts, of the same nature. Especially th British.. And that’s the only way to handle this.

The fact is that the only way that this is going to work: the Europeans must eat, what they should eat. Because we know that much of their banking sector is purely speculation. And what they’re demanding, is the protection of their thievery, in effect. The solution is the re-establishment of the Glass-Steagall policy for the relevant regions of the planet, including the USA, and so forth and so on. We’ll all go back t a Glass-Steagall policy.

That’s the only way to get out of this mess, because if yo close down the banks in the US which are speculative banks, you do it under US law. And therefore, you have now changed the character of the money system in the United States, in particular, to eliminate this swindle system. You return to Glass-Steagall. Now you use the fact that you went back to Glass-Steagall, to use that as a source of credit. You put tha source of credit into the hands of the US government, so it’s n the US government, which is the agency which represents the people of the United States. We recommend that a similar approach be applied to Germany, to France and so forth. In tha way, yes, the swindlers lose the money. But the swindlers are swindlers. So what we do, is we take the swindlers’ money away from them, and give it back, respectively, to national banks, that is to governmental banking systems. And we create a new Glass-Steagall policy of international development in a significant part of the trans-Atlantic region. That’s the one thing we must throw on the table.

Now, you just imagine German Finance Minister Schaeuble an so forth, all these creeps, pirates and burglars, are out squawking to protect the so-called interest of the pirates and swindlers. Let’s go back to Franklin Roosevelt methods; and Franklin Roosevelt’s method is the model. France needs it. Trying to swindle Greece is not going to help France one bit. What you want to do is have a cleanup of the situation; to clean up the monetarist system. That will not solve all problems, but it will give us a foundation from which to build up solutions. Get some production going. And we shut down this euro speculation system; these guys are all thieves. And the British most of all. So, we don’t need to worry about their benefits; they don’t have any benefits coming to them.

What we need is an economic system, a federal banking system, a national banking system. You need to clean the whole thing up and go back to the US concept of Franklin Roosevelt, o Glass-Steagall. The point is, that it’s the swindler class whi is making these demands of Greece. Don’t listen to the swindlers; go back to national economy, and we won’t have such swindlers.