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Zepp-LaRouche: Merkel Must Resign

July 9, 2015 (EIRNS)—In an article dated July 3, Helga Zepp-LaRouche blasts Angela Merkel for her huge success in destroying democracy

“Whatever the results of the referendum in Greece are,” she wrote, “the so-called ’institutions’ of the EU, Chancellor Merkel and Finance Minister Schäuble, with their policy just as dictatorial as it is incompetent, have caused irreparable damages to democracy and humaneness, to the idea of a united Europe and to the image of the EU in the entire world, while considerably shortening the life expectancy of the euro. If further damage to Germany and to Europe is to be prevented, the immediate resignation of Chancellor Merkel and her replacement in the Chancellery with a person who will not carry out the policy of the financial oligarchy, is an existential question for the entire continent.

“It was learned from a reliable source that Mrs. Merkel recently received a telephone call from a high-ranking official in the United States who attempted to make clear to her that the crisis in Greece could only be overcome, if its debts were drastically reduced along the model of the 1953 Debt Conference for Germany. Mrs. Merkel reportedly replied laconically that the Greeks should vote Yes on Sunday [July 5], that would be the end of the Tsipras government, and then the problem would be solved.

“The entire world, even without such insider information, is now a witness [to the fact] that Brussels, Berlin and Frankfurt were so brutally intent on regime change in Athens, that it took the breath away from many an observer. The world has more or less grown accustomed to regime change as the aim of the policy against Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi, Yanukovych or Putin. But against a member-state of the EU, and against the very country which represents the cradle of democracy? That the Tsipras government dared to win a democratic election against the dictates of the Troika, and then made the unheard-of attempt to fulfill the mandate of the voters, is not envisaged in this EU.

“According to new revelations in Wikileaks, obtained from NSA wiretaps, Merkel herself had explained to her personal collaborators back in 2011 that Greece would not be able to respect its debt payments. But she and all the others went along with the swindle of the bailout package for Greece anyway, 90% of which went into the European banks.”

If the EU continues on this path, Zepp-LaRouche warned, it will destroy everything that is dear to Europe, its culture, its values, and eventually itself. However, there does exist an alternative, which is is to take up the offer for “win-win” cooperation with China and the BRICS.