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LaRouche Warns of Thermonuclear ‘Guns of August’ Unless Obama Is Dumped

July 27, 2015 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche today publicly warned that, unless President Obama is either removed from office, or stripped of any political independence, he will use the August Congressional recess as the moment of opportunity to provoke a confrontation with Russia that could lead to a general war, including a thermonuclear war of extinction.

“We’re coming to a point,” with the August Congressional recess, LaRouche warned,

“where Obama will be free to launch war, without any opposition. And that’s extremely dangerous. ... And that war would mean probably a thermonuclear war; Russia would not launch the war, but Russia would be prepared to react to the launching of that war, immediately. And that’s the situation. And this can mean the extinction of a lot of people on the planet.”

The only viable war-prevention option at this late date, LaRouche continued, is to remove Obama from office, or so-cripple him with exposure of his crimes, that he is unable to act.

“So we have to understand that, first of all, we have to prevent Obama from being in charge of launching war, when the Congress leaves Washington in August,”

LaRouche emphasized.

“That’s dangerous. There are a number of other considerations which are also similarly dangerous ones; the wrong party getting into the warfare, for example, and that complication. All these things are there.”

LaRouche singled out the escalating involvement of Turkey in the ongoing conflict in Syria, as one prime example of the kinds of provocations, like the activation of the Right Sector in Ukraine, that can serve as the pretext for Obama’s launching an attack on Russia.

“And this is going to require on our part, I think, more stress than we’ve ever gone through before, in order to meet all the requirements which represent reasonable security of avoidance of thermonuclear war. And that’s where we are.”

Among the options for taking down Obama’s war plans, cited by LaRouche in his weekly Policy Committee live dialogue, is the prospect of Hillary Clinton coming clean on what she knows of President Obama’s willful lying about the Sept. 11, 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack, which resulted in the murders of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other American officials.

“Now, you’ve got the Hillary case. The Hillary case is extremely significant at this point, because the issue is, did she lie on the question of Obama’s role [in the Benghazi affair]? And so, Obama can be stopped, if Hillary is honest. If she’s not honest, then we got trouble. And we’ve seen recently that on these matters, she is not honest. On the Glass-Steagall case, for example, she’s not honest.”

LaRouche emphasized that the challenge on the table, immediately, is to take the necessary actions to prevent a war, a potential war of extinction, from being launched by President Obama.

He concluded:

“That’s what I was concerned about: How can we prevent this thing from happening? Not, will the war occur, but how do we act, in order to make sure this does not happen?

“And therefore, if we don’t get some leadership, in terms of the United States government, and if we don’t get the job done before the Congress goes out of session, then the maximum danger is reached, unless Obama has been removed beforehand. And that’s where we are.”