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LaRouche: Time To Shut Down Wall Street!

Oct. 7, 2015 (EIRNS)—In discussions and public exchanges over the past week, Lyndon LaRouche stressed that the international strategic situation had changed dramatically in the context of the UN General Assembly and the widely-supported Russian moves to combat terrorism. This has severely weakened President Obama, both at home and abroad. Therefore, now is the time to move to isolate him completely and bring him “under control.”

At the same time, the priority is to preemptively move to shut down Wall Street, before the hyperinflationary financial collapse has devastating effects on the economy and the population. LaRouche referenced the panic that broke out recently at the mere suggestion that the Federal Reserve could raise interest rates, which shows how vulnerable the entire trans-Atlantic financial system is.

That whole system, encompassed in the term “Wall Street,” is bankrupt and cannot be saved, LaRouche has stated; it must be replaced by a credit system. But at this point, Obama and others are still committed to bailing out the rotten gambling debts, even if that means killing the population.

LaRouche elaborated on the idea Oct. 3 in a dialogue with activists of the “Manhattan project.”

“If the United States were to go into a depression, a classical type of depression, now, the death rate inside the United States would be enormous.... We don’t have a mechanism now, to provide an employment program of the type which would allow us, to reconstruct some of the productivity of our people who are being raped, essentially, being starved of every right they have. It’s an emergency situation.”

Therefore, he went on, we need to adopt a Franklin Roosevelt approach. Under Glass-Steagall legislation, the toxic waste can be sorted out and eliminated. The government must then create a credit system in order to finance projects in the real economy, and create productive jobs for the population.

Roosevelt did it, and

“We can do that again! But we must get Wall Street shut down! Because if Wall Street were to go any further in a collapse, there would be no support, for the categories of citizens of the United States, who have no economic protection.”

“We have to get Obama under control. That means, even before we throw him out formally, we’ve got to bring him under restraint.”

Once that is done, with the help of some members of the Congress,

“we could probably do a pretty good job of trying to rebuild the U.S. economy, and the conditions of life which that represents.”