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Obama Is Escalating the Drive for War on China and Russia, and Must Be Removed from Office, Now!

April 3, 2016 (EIRNS)—The LaRouche Political Action Committee posted a five-minute video which is of a "must see" quality for the growing number of Americans, and other concerned citizens of the world, who recognize the insanity of President Obama in driving the nation to military confrontation with Russia and China, one which if not stopped, will result in a near-term global thermonuclear war. LaRouche’s remarks are interspersed with statements from China, Russia, and from NATO Commander, Gen. Philip Breedlove, this past week, demonstrating the severity of the crisis. The video is available on youtube and the slightly edited transcript follows:

LAROUCHE: I would say that right now we’re going through, not a simple place of what we’ve had before, but we are going into a more deeply rooted crisis situation, throughout not only the United States, but throughout much of the planet. We’re on the edge of a threatened launching of war against China, and implicitly also Putin, China in particular — and the threats are becoming very serious.

HONG LEI (Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman):

Installing the THAAD system has extended far beyond the defense needs against North Korea, and will cause direct harm to China’s strategic and security interests, as well as the regional balance.

LAROUCHE: If these threats were to be carried out, the immediate effect would be a general thermonuclear war fought throughout the entire planet.

That’s what the facts are, because if Putin were knocked out, and if China was being hit directly, by Obama’s directions, you would have the worst general warfare on the planet Earth that has ever occurred, that we have ever experienced. That’s where we are.


We are prepared to fight and win if we have to ... our focus will expand from assurance to deterrence, including measures that vastly improve our overall readiness. To the east and north we face a resurgent and aggressive Russia, and as we have continued to witness these last two years, Russia continues to seek to extend its influence on its periphery and beyond.

LAROUCHE: If we were not to intervene, now, and Obama were to act as he intends to act right now... — as a matter of fact, Obama has already set into motion a general thermonuclear war throughout the planet. Now, the question whether he’ll succeed in doing that or not, is another question, but the fact is, he’s doing it. And he’s putting military forces, a lot of it, into it. And that’s the intention.

SERGEY GLAZYEV (Economist and advisor to President Vladimir Putin):

As always happens in a changing world economic order, the country that is losing its leadership tries to unleash a world war for control over the periphery.... The State Department and the White House [continue] to look at the world through the prism of both the Cold War and British confrontations with Russia and Germany in the nineteenth century, and now the U.S. is unleashing another world war.

LAROUCHE: As of now, the trans-Atlantic community, of the planet, is a disaster. Everything that we had beforehand has just crashed; we’re losing everything.

So we have two things: Get Obama out of there, right away. Right away! Leave in him in there, he’s going to go for a thermonuclear war! So you’ve got to get him out of there. Once you do that, take that step, then you have to take reconstructionist kinds of measures, and those measures are possible, they’re feasible.

And then, once you’ve thrown Obama out of office, you’re going to have to do some reorganizing of the political structure of the Congress and so forth; and you’re going to have to find people who are willing to step forward, being able to look at the things that we could do, or could have done. That would mean we would go with the kind of program which is just exactly like is being by China! The China that Obama intends to destroy.

So what we would want to do, is simply take the same thing that we had with the space program; revive the space program, because we’re going to have to do a lot of spatial discovery work, on space work. And it will be very important and very rich, and without doing it, without using it, you’re not going to succeed. So you have no alternative on this one. But if an enterprise like that has that kind of a commitment and is prepared to present it, I would say, "praise them. we need ’em!" And back ’em up.

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