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Helga Zepp-LaRouche: After Nice, Würzburg and Munich, Cooperation With Russia Is Even More Urgent

July 23, 2016 (EIRNS)—Helga Zepp-LaRouche, chairwoman of the Civil Rights Solidarity Movement party (Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität, BüSo) in Germany, wrote an article on the strategic crisis and what it takes to resolve it. What follows is a translation of the excerpt on terrorism, in the aftermath of the shooting in Munich on July 22. The original German article is posted on the BüSo website.

Germany was thrown into a state of shock after the massacre in a Munich shopping area on the evening of July 22, carried out by an 18-year-old German-Iranian, which came just days after a 17-year-old Afghan refugee, wielding an axe, attacked and wounded passengers on a train in the city of Würzburg. While the background and motives of the perpetrators were still under investigation, Helga Zepp-LaRouche underscored in a July 23 article that terrorism, whatever form it takes, has become one of the main threats for all mankind.

CSU parliamentarian Hans-Peter Uhl is right, she wrote, to call for improved preventive measures and heightened cooperation among the relevant authorities, both domestically and abroad, to fight terrorism. But given the development and operating mode of radical Islam, that obviously implies cooperation with Russia, "the victim which has the most expertise of the networks in Chechnya and their links to the Right Sector in Ukraine and to ISIS, and which has proven, through its military interventions in Syria, to be the only country that has successfully pushed back the power of ISIS."

Therefore, it is urgent to take up the offer extended at the 2015 UN General Assembly by Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he highlighted the fatal consequences of the West’s policy of training allegedly "moderate" rebels to combat secular governments in the Middle East, who then defected in droves to ISIS. Helga Zepp-LaRouche goes on to quote from Putin’s speech, in which he called for cooperation among all countries to fight that evil, citing the example of the anti-Hitler coalition at the time of World War II, and stressing the need for Muslim countries to play a key role in such a coalition, given the perversion of their religion, Islam, by those extremists.

"Since the release of the Chilcot Inquiry report in Great Britain spotlighted how Tony Blair had orchestrated the war of aggression against Iraq on the basis of conscious lies,"

Zepp-LaRouche notes,

"and after the disclosure of the 28 pages of the official Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 left no doubt as to the role of Saudi Arabia in financing terrorism, a ‘more of the same’ policy is tantamount to complicity in any new terrorist attacks.

"The German authorities can no longer hide behind the usual sociological sophisms. The credibility of Mr. Uhl and Interior Minister Thomas de Mazière, of the members of the Bundestag‚Äôs domestic affairs committee, and of course of Chancellor Angela Merkel, will depend on whether they initiate an official investigation to elucidate as quickly as possible the implications of these two documents—the Chilcot Report and the 28 pages—and draw the consequences from them.

"It is unacceptable, under any circumstances, to use the attacks in Würzburg and Munich as the occasion to build up a police-state such as Erdogan is doing, and to cooperate with precisely those countries whose role has been highlighted in the Chilcot Report and the 28 pages."

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