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LaRouche: ISIS Threat to Putin Could Have Strategic Fallout

Aug. 2, 2016 (EIRNS)—The circulation this week of a videotape by "ISIS" promising attacks on Russia, and personally threatening, "We are coming to get you, Putin," involves a greater danger than most "experts" realize, EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche said today.

"This is a shock," LaRouche said.

"Do they realize what and whom they are threatening? This is being deployed! This is not ‘ISIS,’ it is a Chechen-centered complex of terrorism groups and operations. And it was created and is used by the British, by Obama, against Russia, using Saudi Arabia as an instrumentality. Putin has been fighting this, successfully, for nearly two decades. Effectively this is Obama."

LaRouche did not rule out that "this might lead Russia to respond, at some point, even strategically. It could contribute to world war!"

LaRouche’s extraordinarily prescient 1998 film presentation, "Storm Over Asia," was produced to expose exactly this Chechen-centered terrorism as being aimed by London at the potential "Russia-China-India strategic triangle," and carrying the threat of a thermonuclear world war. That was the point at which Putin took office and began the long fight which defeated the terrorists in Russia, and is aimed at defeating them internationally now.

Of the "ISIS" threat video against Putin and Russia now, LaRouche observed,

"This is a shockingly irrational decision by some party, just when rational negotiations by Russia and America are needed to produce greater security in that area."

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