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LaRouche Slams British Role in Korean Peninsula, Global Crises

April 15, 2017 (EIRNS)—Lyndon LaRouche today issued a sharp warning about the continuing, extreme danger posed by the strategic showdown around the Korean Peninsula, all orchestrated by the British Empire.

"The British system started the whole thing, and we have to stop it," LaRouche stated. This is a global crisis, not something happening in just one part of the planet. Most people are opposed to the idea of war over Syria or North Korea, but they have no idea what is actually behind this, nor how to stop it. "Ignorance creates the opening for the death of mankind," LaRouche warned.

Although the immediate threat around North Korea’s celebration of the Day of the Sun did not materialize, the situation remains very, very serious. LaRouche emphasized that he had personally authored the programmatic solution to the conflict—through joint economic cooperation among North and South Korea, Russia and China—and worked with political forces in the area to bring it about, but this was sabotaged by British interests. We have to stop their current war drive, LaRouche stressed, or they will blow up the whole world. This has to be taken seriously: unless the British system is crushed, there will not be a safe world for the United States, for Europe, or for other nations.

A good example of an approach that will not work, and only lead to British-orchestrated war, is what the media is presenting as the result of a two-month-long policy review on North Korea by the Trump administration. Writing in the April 14 Washington Post, Josh Rogin reported that the results of the review were leaked to journalists by senior officials, including through an April 13 private dinner in Washington with a "top administration North Korea policy official who talked about the new approach." The policy is for "maximum pressure" short of regime change, to try to force the full denuclearization of North Korea. As for what the Trump administration will do if there is another North Korean nuclear test, the officials said that "nothing is off the table, but that the U.S. won’t telegraph its response in advance." One senior official told Rogin:

"Do we anticipate it? Possibly. But are there options already developed? Absolutely.... So with that regime, it’s not a matter of ‘if,’ it’s ‘when.’ So we’re well prepared to counter that."