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Volume 1, Number 19, September 9, 1974

Cover of EIR Volume 1, Number 19, September 9, 1974

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Political Economy

Chase Pushes Chilean Solution for Italy and Britain

IPS Exclusive Interviews At Secret Siena Bankers Conference

Anatomy of the U.S. Stock Market Collapse

Africa Report

Southern Africa: Racial “Liberalization” to Facilitate Rockefeller Looting

Ethiopian Coup Part of CIA’s Mediterranean Strategy

Sahara Conflict Potential “Western Cyprus”

State of Agriculture

Agricultural Roundup

The Press

Let Them Eat — People

Reporters Embrace Rockefeller’s Plans for Cannibalism

Knight Journalists Stripped of Identity

North America

CIA Sets Up Riot for Rockefeller in Newark

West Germany

Europe’s Biggest Fascist Praises Mao

CIA “Red Scare,” Spy Scandals Activated in West Germany

Northern Ireland

Irish Workers Join Third World, Police Themselves into Slavery

International Briefs

PCI Laments Agnelli Switch on “Historical Compromise”

West German Union Leaders Create Planned Chaos in Labor Movement

A Brief for Congress II

Rockefeller’s Political Empire

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