Volume 2, Number 51, November 29, 1975


International Economic Newsletter

Rocky Names ICLC as Their Main Enemy

Domestic Market News

NY Bank Liquidity: It’s Worse Than You’d Dare To Believe

Political Economy

Rocky’s Banks Plan Nazi Looting To Get His Empire Through 1975

by David Goldman

US Political Economy

Rockefeller Government Deploys for Nuclear Confrontation


“Left” Coup in Portugal Launched by NSC as Pretext for Drive to Right


Post-Rambouillet Summit Developments

Public Workers Strike in Japan


China Deploys in Support of NSC Provocations

Mideast Evaluation

Kissinger-NSC Pushes Mideast Toward the Brink

Special Reports

Rockefeller and the JFK Assassination

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

National Gestapo Act Slated for Passage

by Don Baier

NSC Moves to Detonate Crisis on Indian Subcontinent

by Leela Narayan

IPS Daily Reports from Nov 22 through Nov 28

November 22 Early

November 22 Late

November 23

November 24 Early

November 24 Late

November 25 Early

News Bulletin 545: LaRouche to Europe for Working Discussions on IDB with Third World Governments

News Bulletin 546: Reveal New COINTELPRO Operations Targeting USLP

News Bulletin 547: Brandt Files New Suits Against ELC

November 25 Late

November 26

USLP Presidential Statement: Behind Kissinger’s Blackmail of the Japanese Government

News Bulletin 548: Illegal Rockefeller Invisible Government Orders Double Bloodbath in Portugal, Angola

November 27 Early

News Bulletin 549: NSC, China, Pakistan Attempt Nuclear Provocation in Bangladesh

Special Bulletin No. 1 on LaRouche European Tour: LaRouche Warns Against Thermonuclear War Push

November 27 Late

November 28 Early

Special Bulletin No. 2 on LaRouche European Tour: LaRouche Warns Against Kissinger/Rockefeller Move To Sabotage the North/South Conference

News Bulletin 550: NCLC To Sue To Stop Destruction of Rockefeller’s Police State Files

News Bulletin 551: USLP Will Sue To End COINTELPRO Investigations

News Bulletin 554: Rockefellers Declare ICLC Their Top Enemy

November 28 late