Volume 3, Number 27, July 6, 1976


U.S. Political Newsletter

Rockefeller Insurrectionaries Attack on All Fronts

International Markets Newsletter

Atlanticists Out To Clamp Corporatist Rule on Europe

Interview: Excerpts from Carli Speech

Stripdown of European Industry Slated To Set Up Supranational Corporativist Integration

Atlanticists Push Too Hard on Debt: Wobbling Dominoes Set To Topple

Sadat Prepares To Make Egyptian Pound Convertible

Riot Flops in Peru; Battle Centers on Moratoria

Economic Summit: Simon Proposes Austerity Refinancing for Europe

Rockefeller Orders Japan To Bail Out Debt-Strapped Countries or Face Collapse

Domestic Markets Newsletter

Electrical, Warehouse Workers Win Teamster Style Wage Gain

Worries Persist over New York Debt

Middle East Newsletter

Iraq To Intervene in Lebanon War To Halt Kissinger Massacre of Left

Rude Pravo Warns Syrians on Lebanon

Latin America Newsletter

Echeverría Moves To Break Up Rockefeller’s ‘Invisible Government’ in Mexico

International Terrorism Report

Labor Party ‘IPS’ Exposé Forces Backdown on July 4 Terror; Rocky Opts for Uganda Massacre in Outflanking Maneuver

Israeli Raid into Uganda Part of the Script

Uganda Caper Triggers B.R.D. Crisis Coup

Canadian Government Destabilized by Quebecois Linguistics and Olympic Terrorist Operation

ELP Executive Declaration: European Labor Party Denounces Uganda Hoax

Interview: Lt. General Yarborough: ‘It’ll Take a Big Hot-Foot To Destroy Civil Liberties’

Win ‘TRO’ In Philly: Labor Party Scores Legal Victories against IPS Terrorists

‘Operation Bicent’: Attorney General Levi’s Command Post for Insurrection

Special Reports

Is Jimmy Carter Brainwashed? Democrat Linked to Institute Terrorists

Never Trust a Liberal: The Fabian Conspiracy against Congress and the Democratic Party

How the Institute for Policy Studies Took Over the United Mine Workers

What the Socialist Sector Is Really Saying

Soviet Union, White Communists Clash at European CP summit Conference – Excerpts from Brezhnev Speech – Excerpts from Tito Speech.

Rocky Orders ‘Total War,’ Witchhunt against Fusion

Censored Documents on Fusion Energy Foundation Released by FBI

The Death of the Brazilian ‘Miracle’