Volume 3, Number 29, July 20, 1976


Political Newsletter

Ford Group Begins Assault on Carter De-Industrialization; Allies To Push Pro-Growth Program

International Markets Newsletter

Currency Collapse Springs Political Crisis for Atlanticists

European Livestock Herds Slaughtered As Continent-Wide Drought Continues

Turning The Screws on Algeria

Domestic Markets Newsletter

Tailspin Continues: “Dog Days” Come Early for U.S. Economy

Banking Committee Report Exposes Wall Street’s Fascist Programs

Latin America Newsletter

Argentine Resistance Blocks Wall Street’s Fascist Programs

Rockefeller’s Institute for Policy Studies Runs Anti-Echeverría Smear Campaign

Echeverría: “The Majority Took Over Excelsior, Not the Government”

“It’s strange that indignation should come from U.S.”

“Mexico After The Elections”

Exclusive NSIPS translation from Izvestia.

Statement by Venezuelan Ambassador to Mexico

ICLC Calls for Emergency Debt Moratorium for Peru To Prevent Continental RAND War

Wall Street Orders Chilean-Style Coup in Peru To Begin Thursday

Labor Newsletter

Dem Convention Spawns Nazi Labor Front

Mideast Report

Insane Advisors Say: “Try and Stop Us”: Kissinger Moves for War Provocations Against Soviets in Mideast

“We’ve Just Beaten Up Everybody at the UN”

NSIPS exclusive interview with L. Dean Brown.

NSC Mideast Director Confirms: “The Lebanese Left Will Be Slaughtered”

Eugene Rostow Calls For U.S.-Soviet Confrontation in Mideast

State Department Mideast Advisor: “The Palestinians Are Being Pushed into a Meatgrinder, and the Soviets Are Impotent”

Council on Foreign Relations Specialist: “Nobody Can Stop” Fighting in Lebanon

Peace Shuttle Diplomacy Or the Messenger of the Fifth War

Exclusive NSIPS translation from Rose al-Yüsef.

Egypt: “Painful Solutions”

International Terrorism Report

Kissinger, Schmidt Plot To Make Soviets a Target of Terror

“A Return to Shock Units in France?”

Exclusive NSIPS translation from Le Monde.

“Gunboat Strategists”

Exclusive NSIPS translation from Volksarmee.

Stage Set for Olympic Terror

Another SLA? Boston ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ Terrorists Traced to LEAA, IPS Prison Programs

Release of ‘TIP’ Brief Signals Massive CREEP Activation Against USLP

The UN Security Council Debate on the Israeli Raid into Uganda

Mexican Government Statements to UN Security Council Debate

Special Reports

Institute Culminates Takeover of Democratic Party with Coronation of Carter and Mondale

Democrats Pledge Allegiance to Platform of War and Fascism

Resistance to Carter Fascist Policies Bursts Out at Democratic Convention

Make East Bloc Debt a Strategic Issue

East-West Balance Sheet

Comecon: Increased Economic Integration

Exclusive NSIPS translation from Le Figaro.

Journal of Commerce Psywar on Soviet Debt

West German Press Attacks Soviets on Debt Question

Hysteria over Soviet Economic Initiatives

Exclusive NSIPS interviews.

Lelio Basso Press Conference on Rights Charter, Debt Moratorium

by Guiseppe Filipponi

Gaullist Michel Jobert Speaks on Economic Crisis

Italian CP Forms Shadow Government To Force Austerity on Andreotti

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Burger Proposes: Back to the Caves!

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Supreme Court Lays 4th Amendment to Rest