Volume 3, Number 30, July 27, 1976


Special Features

The Press Opens Fire on Wall Street’s Jimmy Carter

We Said It First – Il Fiorino On Carter: “Who Are Carter’s Four Economic Brains?” – L’Europeo: “Carter’s ‘Left Hand,’” by Guido Gerosa – Pravda on “J. Carter” Nomination – Rude Pravo on Carter – Greek Socialist Paper: “Carter Is a New Kind of Fascism” – London Times on Carter: “By No Means An Innocent” – U.S. Press Grid.

What Schmidt Said and Why

Our Analysis – Gaullist Leader Responds to Schmidt’s Italy Blackmail – French SP Leader Joxe on Schmidt – Wall Street Banker: “I’m Not Worried About Italy–Look At Peru!” – Italian Christian Democratic Leader’s Response to Schmidt – Schmidt Backs Down on Attacks on Italy – International Press Grid: UPI Lies About Ford Support for Schmidt Blackmail of Italy – Le Figaro: Schmidt Doesn’t Give a Damn About Europe – Quotidien de Paris: Schmidt Is Kissinger’s Henchman in Europe – Corriere della Sera on Schmidt.

Italy: Schmidt Blackmail Fails To Stop Progress Towards Andreotti Government

France: Giscard Didn’t Need Schmidt’s Statement

Our Analysis – Gaullist Leader Debré: “Inflation Leads to Dictatorship” – Debré: “Is Germany Becoming a Danger Again?” – Gaullist General Binoche on Giscard – Pravda on “Plans of the Enemies of Detente.”

Latin American Report

Wall Street Boasts over Success of Its Bloodless Coup in Peru

Our Analysis – Le Monde Editorial on Peru Coup – Le Monde on Peru Coup: Maldonado Waited Too Long To Move – Pentagon On Peru: Now They Can Tighten Up the Economy

Mexico: Rockefeller Genocide Merchant Paddock: “Let Pestilence, Famine and War Reduce Population Of Mexico”

NSIPS exclusive interview.

Paddock Collaborator Reveals Wall Street Trilateral Links to Mexico Genocide Push

NSIPS exclusive interview.

Mideast Report

Stage Set for Soviet Lead Intervention into Lebanon

Our Analysis – Brezhnev to Assad: Withdraw Syrian Troops from Lebanon — His Answer to Brezhnev: Assad Vows To Stay in Lebanon — Sadat Bids Soviets Aid Arabs — Soviet Press Grid on Lebanon – British Banker: “It’s a Permanent Sarajevo” — Brookings Mideast “Expert”: “Henry Would Be Very Pleased About Lebanon” — Mideast “Think—Tanker”: The Soviets Won’t Move Militarily In Mideast — RAND Spokesman Denies Lebanon Is Soviet “Tripwire.”

International Terrorism Report

Atlanticists Set for New Terrorist Drive, Agree on Tactics

by Michele Steinberg

Our Analysis — Terrorism “Expert” Bell: Anything, Anyone Can Be a Terrorist Target — RAND’s Jenkins: “We Need No Rules To Get Those Bastards” — State Department Terrorism Coordinator: “PLO Will Turn to Terror if Wiped Out in Lebanon”— Javits’ Aide: “Unfortunately We Can’t Just Move Militarily Against Those Who Harbor Terrorists.”

Chowchilla: Another RAND ‘SLA’ Scenario?

Africa Newsletter

Kissinger Activates “Tar Baby” Option: Southern African Destabilization Scenario Initiated

Asia Newsletter

Why There Is Peace in Asia and What Kissinger Would Like To Do About It

Labor Newsletter

IPS Wants Back into AFL-CIO

U.S. Political Newsletter

Trilateral Commission Steps Up Drive for Supranational Government; Republicans Lead Counterattack

by Richard Cohen

International Markets Newsletter

Crisis of Confidence, Eurodollar Market Hanging by a Thread

Our Analysis – Rome Banker: “There Will Be No Debt Moratorium” — New York Banker: “The Gaullists Don’t Have Any Potent Man Who Is Capable of Taking Over” — New York Banker on the Franc.

Atlanticists Go for Broke with Economic Warfare on Europe

Our Analysis – Interviews with a Commodity Trader at Conticommodity Corp., New York — Interview with James Sinclair (Partner, Vilas and Hickey, New York).

North-South Negotiations and Soviet-Third World Relations

The Transfer Ruble: East-West Economic Lifeline

by David Goldman

Our Analysis – NSIPS Exclusive Interview With Marshall Goldman: “Grain Is the Ultimate Weapon.”

Domestic Markets Newsletter

The Nose Dive: Psychology of Panic Sets In on Bond Markets