Volume 4, Number 6, February 8, 1977



Energy Dictatorship Bill Passage Sets Stage for War on OPEC, U.S.S.R.

Kennedy Energy Aide: A Hostile Act Could Lead to War

DOD Official: Break Up OPEC

Schmidt and Giscard: ‘All Nations Have the Right to Nuclear Technology for Peace’


Illinois Industrialists Oppose Carter’s Energy Program at Chicago Meetings

Energy Development Memorialization Bills Advance

The Washington State Energy Memorialization Bill


New York City ‘Crisis’ Scenario Is Test for U.S. Dictatorship

Bond Markets Weaken, U.S. Gluts Feared

Markets Await European Action on New Monetary System


How Rockefeller Sabotages Energy Development

Dramatic Increase in Oil and Gas Industry Costs Is a Problem of Financing

Who Pays the Price of Energy Development?

Who Runs the ‘Big Sisters’?

Program for the Immediate Relief of the Natural Gas Crisis

The Real Causes of the Winter’s Weather

Science & Technology

Plasma Technology Applied to Steel Production in East Germany

How the G.D.R. Develops Scientists

Soviet Sector

How the White House Manufactures ‘Soviet Dissenters’

Freedom House Director Sussman Outlines Hopes for Dissidents – Kohler of the CPD: “Human Rights”-SALT Link Tricky.

The Sakharov Case

Dossiers in Brief: Czechoslovakia, Poland.


France: Gaullists Put the Squeeze on Giscard

EEC Commissioner Calls for Development Grants to Third World.

The Bullock Report: ‘For the Health of the British Industry’

Equal Employee Representation: The Key to Industrial Expansion

Carter Networks Use British Courts Against Callaghan

British Government Gives Industrial Strategy Concrete Direction

Middle East

Sadat Turns to the Right – But Can He Survive?

Economist: Egyptian Security Is Open to Question – The View from Cairo: Sadat Is Isolated – The Saudi Question – The Saudis Will Back Sadat.

Israeli Hawks Outflank Rabin

Brookings: The Labour Party Is in Bad Shape – The Eban-Peres Deal.


Chirac Counters U.S. Intervention

Create a French Commonwealth.

South Africa Opts for War


Japan’s Business Community Opens Trade Deals with Iraq, U.S.S.R., Europe

China Political Front Strangely Silent; Regime Boosts Science and Technology

“Gang of Four” Exposed for Obstructing Research – “Chinese Scientists of High Energy Physics Pledge To Do Job Well” – “Foreign Trade Workers Denounce Crimes of ‘Gang of Four.’”

Latin American Economic Analysis

Latin America 1977: Industrialization vs. Debt

Chile: Nothing Left To Loot

Depression Won’t Change Cuban Commitment to Development

Brazilian Industry Strangled by Debt Service

Venezuela 1976: Oil for Development

Mexican Economy 1977: Plenty of Confidence, No Production

Peru: New York Banks End Revolution; Economic Degeneration Ahead

Argentina 1976: Inflation Down 50%, Purchasing Power Down 58%

Coffee ‘Boom’ Can’t Hide Colombia’s Coming Bust

Guyana Turns to the Comecon


Rockefeller as ‘Unindicted Co-Conspirator’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Review of Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Anthony Sutton.