Volume 4, Number 18, May 3, 1977



NSC Create International Climate of Terror To Impose Carter’s Energy Plan

Czechs Back Yugoslav Attack on Carter’s Energy Sabotage

Will the Pittsburgh Conference Scandal Bring Down the Carter Administration?

Fusion Energy Foundation Wins Temporary Restraining Order Against Schlesinger Police State Tactics

NSC Employing Nuclear Blackmail with Israeli, South Africa Outlaws

Franco-African Summit Plans Imperialist Policy for Region

South Africa Readies War Drive

Israel Adopting ‘Pre-Emptive’ Strike Posture on Carter’s Behalf

Sadat’s Libya Provocations Go in Tandem with His Domestic Crackdown

Carter, Giscard Heat Up Ethiopia-Somalia Tensions


Pittsburgh Conference: Scientists, Industrialists, Labor Meet To ‘Expand Human Resource Base’

Fusion Bills Pass in Illinois and Pennsylvania

U.S. Press Criticizes Carter Energy Plan from All Directions

The Republican Party at the Crossroads

Health Cuts; Carter Followup to No-Energy Plan


IMF Interim Committee: U.S. Impotence, European Incompetence

by David Goldman

Japan Pushes Yen-Based Trade as Shield Against Eurodollar Crises

Record U.S. Trade Deficit Highlights Vulnerability of Dollar

West Germany Pursues Growth-Oriented Economic Goals

Steel Profits Plunge – ‘They’d Be Better Off in Treasury Bills’

‘Washington Forum’ Panel Blasts Carter Energy Program

Science & Technology

The Story of Starport America: Transport Policy Under the Third National Bank

by Marsha Freeman

Soviet Sector

Open the Arbatov File

by Criton Zoakos

Arbatov: Some Substance to Charges


‘Command Control’ Unit in Place in El Paso

by Marilyn James


Trudeau Outflanking Rockefeller – So Far

CSIS: Terrorism Could Bring Canadian Unity

A Lull in the Currency Warfare Against Canada


How To End Terrorism in Italy

How The CIA ‘Left’ Sent Terrorists Against the Italian Communist Party

What’s Wrong in France?

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Callaghan Government Endangered by Erosion of Union Base

New Northern Ireland Destabilization Aimed at Callaghan

Excerpts from Italian Conference on European-Arab Cooperation


Economic Squeeze Propelling South Africa to War

by David Cherry


Pakistan: Truce Under Discussion Between Bhutto and Opposition

Indonesia Aid Cut by $1 Billion; New York Banks Overexposed

Pertamina’s Progress: The Rise of a Third World Super-Corporation and Its Fall by the Hand of Wall Street

Latin America

Carter Administration To Unveil New Immigration Policy: Militarize U.S.-Mexico Border

New ‘Violencia’ Touted for Colombia


Fairness Doctrine Complaint on Energy Policy Filed with FEC