Volume 4, Number 25, June 21, 1977



As Belgrade Conference Opens – Soviet Pressure Forcing Turning Point

by Christopher White

Brezhnev, Czechs Warn: Nuclear War Could Erase the Issue of ‘Human Rights’

European Press Agrees Carter Is Losing Europe

Carter Administration Split over Belgrade Policy


Carter’s Energy Program Hits the Rocks

Teller: Yes to Breeder in the Future

Carter Administration and Republicans: Is a Deal on Korea in the Works?

by Daniel Sneider

‘A Salute to Nelson’ – Republican Leadership

by Barbara Dreyfuss

Meet Brzezinski’s Projected Replacement: Kissinger

‘Kissinger Is Very Available’

The Solution to Jake Javits’ Fears

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Javits Tells Senate: Save the Banks Before It’s Too Late


OECD, BIS Share Panic over World Economy

Internecine Banking Warfare Erupts

Pressure for Establishment of Independent Arab Capital Markets

South African-Soviet Deal on Gold-Backed Monetary System

U.S. Economy Crossing Over into Production Decline


Europe Ignores No-Energy Plan, Pushes Triangular Deals

Report of the ERDA Fusion Review Committee

IAEA’s Fusion Research Council: ‘Aggressive Fusion Effort Urgent’

Science & Technology

The Truth About ‘Nuke Power Plant Terrorism’

by Jon Gilbertson

Oil Exploration Breakthrough – New Energy Beam has Great Industrial Potential.

What Would Really Happen If Terrorists Really Seized a Nuke Plant

by Jon Gilbertson

Military Strategy

Swedish Laser Chief Reviews Soviet Superweapon

‘Sputnik of the Seventies’ Revisited: Why the Red Army Doesn’t Need the Cyber 7600

by M. Bacco

General Keegan: An Appreciation and Critique

by Bob Cohen


Dr. K Revived To Threaten Schmidt, Andreotti Governments

by Vivian Freyre

Improved Bonn-Moscow Relations Signaled by Genscher Visit

Spanish Pro-Development Forces Win in Parliamentary Elections

Soviets’ Pre-Belgrade Offensive Forces Shift in French Situation

Britain: New Parliamentary Coalition Ahead?

Middle East

Soviets, Saudis Eye Political Deal on Middle East

“The Saudis Want To Make Real Investments in the West” – Carter May Make a Deal with the Russians.

Menachem Begin: Monkey-Wrench in the Mideast

Lebanon Crisis Builds


South Africa Exposes CIA Terrorism, Takes Aim at Carter’s War Scenario

Who Runs ‘Left’ Terrorism in South Africa?

South Africa’s Fabian Controllers — Who Is J. Wayne Fredericks?

Rockefeller’s Control of Southern African Raw Materials

by Alfred Ross


Japanese Businessmen Turn to Soviets and Europe

Latin America

Carter’s Colombian Drug Bonanza

Rosalynn Takes Carter Diplomacy to Latin America


U.S. Labor Party Report Documents Federal Harassment of Political Opposition