Volume 4, Number 30, July 26, 1977



Carter Team ‘Clarifies’ Soviet Policy, Reassures No One

Defense Task Force Formed To Spur Strategic Policy Debate

Crane and Colleagues Blast Carter Defense Policies – Spearheads National Defense Policy Task Force.

Some Boys from Wall Street Were Trying To Be Cute

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

What Were David Rockefeller and Georgii Arbatov Up To at the Dartmouth Conference?

Soviet T-Ruble Offer Sparks Wall Street Hysteria

A Soviet View: CMEA-EEC Joint Action Urged.

U.S. Labor Party Memorandum: Warsaw Pact Combat Group Modifications

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Urbank: Stone-Age Fascist Economy on Congress Agenda

New York Times’ Roger Starr: Need Mondale Plan for Urban Relocation

Carter Uses Blackout To Push Nazi Labor-Energy Program

Ramsey Clark and the ‘Crazy Homicides’

Carter Deploys ‘Tipsy’ O’Neill: Who’s Koreagating Whom

Washington Week: More Gates Than a Rat Maze

Ogden Hearing Delayed Until August; Major Test for Human Rights


European Press Ridicules ‘Flower Dollar’

Gold Based Hard Commodity Credit Option in the Works

by David Goldman

Outlook for Steel: ‘Mandatory’ Shrinkage Underway

Conference Board Sees Slave Labor as U.S. Future


Eastern & Western Europe OPEC Spread Energy Net

Military Strategy

Emergency Senate Action Required

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


The Crucial Facts of the Carrillo Affair

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Giscard Détente Gambit Set To Ruin Schmidt-Andreotti Policy

by Renée Sigerson

Giscard: Carter ‘Broke the Code of Conduct Of Détente’

French Government: ‘Tipsy with the Perfume of Its Neutrons’

Schmidt: The N-Bomb ‘Brings Up Psychological-Strategic Problems’

Rude Pravo: ‘The Chancellor Worries’ – Soviet Press on Schmidt Visit.

N-Bomb: ‘Perversion of the Human Mind’

Middle East

Egypt Invades Libya As Sadat Position Crumbles

Soviets Warn Carter: ‘War on the Horn Will Be Your Responsibility’

Begin Tells Vance: ‘Stay Home;’ Javits Tries Blackmail on Arabs

Sadat at Heart of U.S. Policy vs. PLO – PLO, Syria in Accord over Lebanon.

Israel Institutes Pre-War Austerity Program


Indian Government Split on Economic Policy

Japan Election Returns Give Both Sides Breathing Space

by Kevin Coogan

Latin America

Mexican Government Tries To Suppress Explosive PLM Testimony on Political Reform

The Official PLM Testimony — El Universal: PLM “Injured Echeverría” — PLM “Funded By Chicago Republicans” — El Nacional: PLM Testified “In Bad Faith” — Graco Ramírez: PLM “Obeys Imperialist Interest.”


Rocky Moves To Bust Up ‘Whig Alliance’ with Left-Right Deployment Against Teamsters

Percy Beats the Drums.


D.C. Columnist Airs USLP Charges Against FEC

FEC Tampering with Mails.