Volume 5, Number 2, January 17, 1978



Eyewitness Report: Basel BIS Meet Puts Burns Against the Golden Wall

by Kathy Burdman

Europeans Speak Up for Dollar – Treasury’s Sour Grapes – Yamani Suggests Tying Oil to Basket of Currencies – London Rumor Mill.

U.S. Must Remonetize Gold Reserves

by David Goldman

British Asset-Strippers on Buying Spree in U.S.

Barclays: It’s a Bargain – The Rothschilds. It’s Best To Be Acquired by a British Company – London Relief for Wall Street?

U.S. Report

Eximbank Hearings Open Fight for U.S. Export Expansion

Senator Stevenson Calls Export Hearings.

NAACP: Nuclear Power Required To Meet the Nation’s Future Needs

Report of the NAACP National Energy Conference – Wall Street Journal: NAACP Turns a Corner.

The Administration: Fence Mending – Won’t Do It

Special Report

The Eximbank, the Federal Reserve and the Dollar Crisis

by Nancy Spannaus

Environmentalist Lawsuit Threatens Eximbank

by Felice Merritt

Eximbank Can Be Key to U.S. Aerospace Recovery


Fed Interest Rate Hike Plays into London’s Hands

British Press and Its Allies Outline U.S. Dollar’s Destruction

Morgan Guaranty Newsletter Confirms Eurolending Hurt $$$


Cold Weather, a Foil for Schlesinger’s WEEP?

N.J. Governor Delays First Floating Nuclear Power Plant.

Energy and the Art of Calculated Cheating

by Laura Chasen

Science and Technology

Top U.S. Strategist Charges: ‘Uncle Sam Divorces Technology’


Marshall Gives Money To Start Up Youth Employment Programs

by L. Wolfe

‘Right-Wing’ Fabians Try To Sell Youth Slave Labor to Business

Jesse Jackson’s Push: ‘We Need Direct Mass Actions in the Street’

Hartford Not on Carter’s List for Slave Labor Money

Maverick Corp. a Pretty Impressive Show, Says Ford Foundation

Military Strategy

Dwight Eisenhower’s Soviet Friend

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Eyewitness Report on Italy Terror: It Can Happen Here

by Webster Tarpley


Kissinger Orchestrates Chile Destabilization In Italy

by Webster Tarpley

Middle East

Israeli Internal Fight, U.S. Policy Crucial in Mideast Talks

Begin Trying To Undercut Extremists, Analysts Say – Dayan Dossier: Biggest Opponent of Peace in Israel – Great Britain Inserts Itself into Middle East.

U.S. and Foreign Experts Blast Carter Vacillation

Carter “Inconsistent” – Brzezinski Statements “Destructive” – Carter and Brzezinski Are “Big Complication” in Peace Process – U.S. Press: Can’t Avoid Palestinian State.

Shah, Boumedienne Join Mideast Peace Diplomacy

Schlesinger Organizing the ‘Crash of ’79’?

Latin America

Mondale Faction Has a Program for Mexico

The Mondalites’ Program — “Oil May Not Help But Harm” – Population Control – Labor-Intensive Jobs – López Portillo’s “Illusions” – Pemex “Corruption.”

Grayson Proposal


The Dirty Dozen, Or Why the New York Times Loves the British

by Patrick Koechlin

Mexican Press: ‘Alan Riding Must Be Expelled’