Volume 5, Number 9, March 7, 1978



Gold Option To Defend the Dollar?

by David Goldman

Brzezinski Pushes Linkage Line To Wreck SALT

by Kathy Murphy

Two Policies on SALT

Kissinger Spokesman: We Must Test the Soviets

Propaganda Rev Up for Cold War

New Wave: ‘Looking at Disarmament Talks with Ideological Blinkers On’

British Gloat over ‘Tougher U.S. Line on Africa’

SALT Was Ready To Be Signed – Till Brzezinski Wrecked It

by Morris Levitt

Special Report

London Pushes Toward World War III

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

U.S. Report

America Demands White House Shift to Sane Nuclear Expansion Policy

Senate Hits Schlesinger on Energy – Tom Wicker: Nuking Jerry Brown – Joseph Kraft: Tilting Toward the Nuclear Option – Congress “Hawkish” on Resource Development – TVA Chairman Demands Nuclear Timetable.

Vance: Expansion Is Key to World Peace

Governors: Carter Must ‘Rally Support’ for Nuclear Energy

Anti-Nuclear Lies Still Coming from Administration

We Need Coal and Nuclear Power Development

by Morris Levitt


British Debt Cancellation Offer Lures Third World into IMF Trap

Miller Confirmation Rushed Through Senate

‘Soft Landing’ for U.S. Economy Is Really Quicksand

by Joe Stein

Exchange Control Rumors Weaken Internal Euro Capital Markets

Southern Discomfort: Bear Raid on U.S. Southern Real Estate

Will New York City Be America’s First Belfast?

Russell Sage: Bankruptcy Might Clear The Air.


Battle Underway for Ratification of Coal Pact

How It Works: IPS Subversion of Coal

Middle East

Separate Peace in Mideast Still Strongly Pushed

British Set Up Syria, Lebanon for Destabilization

Soviets Move Diplomatically into Middle East

Soviets Broadcast Peace Call Warn, Against Separate Peace.

Soviet Sector

Soviets Lay Cards on Table: Will Win War If Provoked

Brezhnev: N-Bomb Complicates SALT


France: Gaullist-PCF Nonaggression Pact Move To Ensure Defeat of Socialists

by Dana Sloan

French Press Slams Socialists – Le Matin on the Gaullist-Communist Alliance – Economist Sympathizes with Mitterand.


NALP Exposes British Purge of Canadian Intelligence

Latin America

Turbay Victory in Colombia Paves Way for ‘Party of the Government’

World Bank Seeks Fragmentation of Brazilian State Sector