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Volume 5, Number 14, April 11, 1978

Cover of EIR Volume 5, Number 14, April 11, 1978

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Prevent U.S. Foreign Policy Collapse  

by Criton Zoakos

Soviets: N-bomb Outrages World  

Press ‘Leak’ Used To Run U.S. Foreign Policy  

The Carter Trip: Brzezinski’s Quest for a ‘Missile Crisis’  

by Chris Allen

The British View: ‘Cuban Missile Crisis of 1978’  

Coverage of Carter’s Stops: Venezuela, Brazil, Nigeria  

Venezuela: Carter Backs IMF, “Gasahol” – Brazil: “Confront the Communist Menace” – Nigeria: What Kind of U.S. Policy? – Young Pushes Africa Development ... and the British Don’t Like It — The State Department Shifts.

Special Report

London Threatens Terrorism Against the Papacy  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

U.S. Report

Carter Set Up for One More Fall on Economic Policy  

Press to Carter: Inflation, a Test You Will Flunk – To Jawbone, or Not To Jawbone... – “Inflation Is for Real.”

Chicago Calls for Positive Exports Policy  

Kissinger Tour - A Web of Lies, Provocations  

The Press: How You Get the News  

Maryland House Passes Exim-Nuclear Resolution  


Europe Seeks Revival of U.S. National Interest  

by Susan Johnson

French, German, Soviet Relations: Two Views  

Les Echos on Rockefeller’s Development Proposal  

Pound Plunge Foreseen: No Technical Solutions for the Dollar  

by Alice Shepard

West German Bankers Stave Off Economic Collapse  

by Renée Sigerson

Agriculture: Congress Avoids Need for U.S. To Be Major Food Producer  

Bourne: Do Like China – Bourne: Redistribute the Wealth.

Economic Survey

The State of East-West Trade: Siberian Project Intersects Trade, Finance Fight  

by Rachel Berthoff

Soviet-American Trade Drops Sharply  

Trade Contraction Slows Soviet Development Plans  


Historic Supreme Court Ruling Eases Nuclear Power Development  

Where Do the Environmentalists Go from Here?


Jack Anderson: Her Majesty’s Columnist?  

by Stuart Pettingell


British ‘Gaullism,’ Or, How To Subvert European Technological Development  

by Pamela Goldman

Third World

Arafat Calls for Return to U.S-Soviet Statement  

Israel: Political Crisis Grows  

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