Volume 5, Number 26, July 11, 1978



Europeans Establish New Monetary System To Support $, Industrial Development

by David Goldman

Israel Uses Lebanon Crisis Against Bonn Summit

by Robert Dreyfuss

New York Times’ Paul Lewis Article Disinformational Garbage

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche Comments on Bremen Decision.

Miki: Bonn Summit Must Take Responsibility for World Economy

U.S. Labor Party Convention: Rule the World with Reason

by Linda Frommer

Bringing the U.S. to the Bonn Summit

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Special Report

The Line-Up on the Eve of the Bonn Summit

1. Schmidt Takes the Grand Design to Africa

by James Cleary

Europeans Seek Stability In Africa

2. Giscard: Wedding ‘Western Technology and Oil Money’

‘Bonn Summit: A Franco-German Grand Design?’

3. Japan’s Mitsubishi Institute Proposes $500 Billion Peace Fund

4. Soviet Leaders Urge U.S. To Join Grand Design

Soviets Point to Britain’s Role.

5. The Opposition: Nobility Calls for Zero Growth

Vatican Takes Aim At British Monarchy

6. Monetarists: Stop Grand Design at All Costs

“Grand Design Isn’t Rational” – The British Press Response.

U.S. Report

Brookings Scenario for Bonn Summit

by Don Baier

Henry Owen is leading efforts to make Carter the fall guy for a world depression – LaRouche: Dollar Can Be Saved at Bonn Through Export Policy – Safire Peddles Brookings Line on Bonn – Putting Words in the President’s Mouth.

The Courts: Heavy on Congress, Light on the Constitution

by Felice Merritt

The Supreme Court rules on Bakke, Price-Anderson and the rights of the snail darter.

Eximbank Recharter Passed by Senate Subcommittee

by Maureen Manning

Stevenson adds weak ‘by-pass’ of Jackson-Vanik amendment.


Europe Fights ‘Dollar Collapse’ Scenario

New monetary fund policy could stabilize U.S. currency.

Will American Retain Its Alliance with Japan?

by Richard Katz

Economic Survey

Why Food Costs Rise While Farmers Go Broke

by Susan Cohen

A study of labor-intensive economics in action.


New Profile for U.S. Oil Multinationals

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche proposes a “nuplex” alternative for petrodollars.

London Promises Multis a “New and Hazardous Era.”

Soviet Sector

The Soviet Enigma Mastered Enigmatically

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The Strategic Issues at stake at Bonn, surveyed by the Labor Party’s LaRouche.

Third World

The ‘Modern Minds’ of India Today

An exclusive report on the politics of science and development — Nehru on the “Modern Mind” — Nehru on the U.S., the Soviets, and England.

The Truth About Afghanistan

by Leela Narayan