Volume 5, Number 32, August 22, 1978


This Week

Fusion and the Dollar

by David Goldman

Will Carter take Europe’s advice to solve the currency crisis? – Fusion and the Dollar: The View from Europe.

U.S. Breakthrough in Fusion Energy Announced

White House Unprepared for Camp David Showdown

by Robert Dreyfuss

A Move To End British-Israeli Terrorism

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The European Grand Designers go against their biggest obstacle.


Fusion’s Spectacular Promise

1. Coming Breakthroughs in Fusion – 2. World Reaction to the “Earth-Shattering News” – 3. Soviet and Japanese Joint Research Offers – 4. How Schlesinger Is Trying To Sabotage Fusion – 5. A Shift on the Fission Front — Just What Is Fusion? — The Science of The Breakthrough — Congress: “This Committee Expects the Department of Energy To Reap the Fruits.”


Japan Wins with Its ‘China Card’

The just-signed treaty opens way for Japan’s development policy – The Text of the China-Japan Treaty – Japanese Official: Press Distorted Soviet Reaction — Press Coverage of the Treaty – Brzezinski Plays “Balkan Card.”


Who Wants To Collapse the U.S. Dollar?

Miller Once Again Opts To Hike Interest Rates

by Richard Freeman

The Fed Chairman’s aim is a deflationary recession in the U.S. – The Press Campaign of Disinformation on the Dollar.

International Finance: EMS Negotiations at a Crossroad

by Susan Johnson

British efforts aim at creating antidollar “parallel currency” – Matthöfer: Miscasting EMS as a “European Bloc” – IMF Spokesmen: “The Devil Is In the Detail” – Think Tanker: Brits Steering EMF from Within.

U.S. Report

Probe Michigan Third Party Primary To Secure Free Elections in 1980

by Felice Gelman

United Autoworkers union complicity in Aug. 8 vote fraud is indicated – How Michigan Ran the 1976 Third Party Primary – Judge Feikens on Michigan Third Party Primary Law – How the Fraud Machine Operated in 1976.

Administration Aimless On Exports

by Maureen Manning

Special Report

World Leaders Mourn Pope Paul VI

More than a man of peace, one of the world’s humanist elite.

Securing a Neoplatonic Papacy

by Vivian Zoakos

The Scientific Ecumenicism of Paul VI: A Dialogue Between Catholicism and Islam

Economic Survey

Britain’s Aerospace Gambit

by Richard Welsh

Playing the U.S. off against Europe to control both.

The New Generation of Jets


Terrorist ‘Antiterrorist Forces’? - Security Investigators Implicated in Plans for U.S. Terror

by Stuart Pettingell

John Grant: “Transnational Terrorism”

Third World

Camp David Preparations Underway: Will Carter Toughen Up?

by Mark Burdman

Views of the Summit from Around the World

Israeli Terror Aimed at Saudis, Arabs, and Israelis