Volume 5, Number 41, October 24, 1978


This Week

A Shock Wave from the Mideast

Can it jolt the U.S. back to reality?

Saving the U.S. from Suicide

Henry Kissinger Has a Worse Idea


America’s Allies Box Carter In

by Nancy Spannaus

1. France Gives Carter a Foreign-Policy Lesson

2. Brezhnev Also Has a Lesson for Carter

With the text of the Brezhnev-Berlinguer communiqué.

3. John Paul II Acts As ‘The Pope of Peace’

by Vivian Zoakos

Including a survey of international reactions to the new pontiff.

4. Schmidt, Fukuda Allied for the Grand Design

5. D-Mark Hike Clearing the Path for EMS

by Susan Johnson

New York Financial Press: Raising the Noise Level


‘Not an Act of War, But of Suicide’

by Lydia Dittler

An analysis of the demands for a U.S. economic recession from the same bankers who laid low the dollar, including a grimly perceptive commentary from the French Le Figaro.

Zionist Bankers’ Conspiracy Against Israel

by Laurent Murawiec

How Hesselbach and Rothschild wrecked Israel’s strategy for industrialization.

U.S. Report

95th Congress Succumbs to Depression

by Donald Baier

A report on the unhappy handiwork of the just-concluded session and its impact on the U.S. economy.

Crime Bosses: Do They Control Voting Machines?

by Edward Spannaus

Military Strategy

General Singlaub Aired in New York

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon H. LaRouche on U.S. military perceptions and realities.


Capriccio Siciliano

by Julian Semyonov

Part one of our exclusive English-language serialization of the Soviets’ politically explosive exposé.

Special Report

Police Tell Carter: Get Tough on Drugs

by Jeffrey Steinberg

An exclusive report from the IACP convention in New York that includes Ted Kennedy’s attack on law enforcement.

PERF Wrecks from the Inside

Halperin, IPS Mobilize Against the Law

by Robert Kay

Reports on two major operations against honest and effective U.S. police.

Third World

Camp David’s Egypt-Israeli Strike Force

The “secret accords” and what they will mean.

Kissinger and Pharaoh Anwar I

by Robert Dreyfuss

The Egyptian Nation Against Sadat

Camp David’s ‘IMF Conditions’

by Mark Burdman