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Volume 5, Number 43, November 7, 1978

Cover of EIR Volume 5, Number 43, November 7, 1978

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This Week

Schmidt Deploys EMS for Peace  

by Norman Solowey

U.S. forced into alignment with new monetary system.

What Will Happen at the Polls  

by Christina Nelson

The real issues of the 1978 election.

Expand the Conspiracy  

by Nora Hamerman

An open letter to our readers.


Saving the Dollar - Without a Recession  

by Susan Johnson

Why Carter’s dollar package is an EMS coup–and what dangers still exist for the U.S.

Pravda Looks at America’s ‘Monetary Fever’  

Schmidt Makes the EMS Global  

Britain Pins Its Hopes on the Fine Print  

by Susan Cohen

Special Report

London Plots an Early U.S. Financial Panic  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon H. LaRouche tells U.S. banks and corporations how to fight the threat.

The British and British-American Press: Two Ways of ‘Covering’ the EMS  


Iran’s Program for Industrialization  

by Judith Wyer and Takis Panagiototis

New backing for development plans that are vital for the future of Iran and the entire Mideast.

TASS: ‘Retort to Turner’s Lie’  


Schlesinger Legacy: Destruction of America’s R&D Capability  

by Marsha Freeman

A report from the Fusion Energy Foundation on what the energy czar has wrought – Fusion Program Early Casualty of ‘Inflation Fight’ – What About Schlesinger’s Travel Budget?


Capriccio Siciliano  

by Julian Semyonov

Part three of the Soviets’ explosive investigation of Peking, drugs, the Mafia, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Third World

Baghdad Summit’s Strategic Impact  

by Mark Burdman

Renaissance of the Fertile Crescent, development of the Arab world.

How the Arab Monetary Fund Will Work  

Brandt Holds Forth at the UN  

by Leif Johnson

A report from our United Nations correspondent.

Can U.S. Relations With Mexico Get Worse?  

Economic Survey

Soviets Offer $10 Billion in Deals – Why Won’t the U.S. Say Yes?  

by Rachel Berthoff

The War Against East-West Trade  

by Maureen Manning

Trade Policy: The Administration Versus Industry  

East Bloc Debt: Why The Scare?  

by Richard Freeman

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