Volume 6, Number 9, March 6, 1979


This Week

Rhodesia Enforces Genocide

Southern Africa to be “third front” in surrogate warfare.

Schlesinger Pushes Plan for Cutbacks on IEA

Turkey’s Ecevit in Fight versus IMF Austerity

LaRouche Represents USLP at PRI Celebration in Mexico


Oil Hoax and War: Schlesinger’s At It Again

Military threat to Mideast leads to new “crisis” scenario.

The Calls for U.S. Troops in the Mideast

How They Rigged the Oil Markets

by Judith Wyer

The situation within OPEC

Iraq, Saudi Arabia reject price hike.

‘U.S. Will Go to War for Oil’

by Christopher Allen

The North American Common Market threat to seize Latin American oil for war.

Schlesinger Declares Energy War

by William Engdahl

The Oil Hoax—An Attack on the EMS

by Alice Shepard


British Arranging Confrontation

by Paul Arnest

Carter Administration extends “arc of crisis” to Mideast, Eastern Europe.

Shulman: Soviets To Face More Crises

Fritz Kraemer: Teng the Hero of our Time

China Escalates, Discounts Soviets

by Daniel Sneider

China Vulnerable to Viet-Soviet Attack

by Dean Andromidas

China in Asia: Blind Aggression


Europe Says No to China Card

Giscard reemphasizes role of European Monetary System as Europe’s leaders warn of continuing danger of world war.

Schmidt: France, B.R.D. Concur on Indochina

Italian Scores British in Mideast, Endorses LaRouche for U.S. President


British Bank Takeovers Stalled

by Kathy Burdman

USLP charges turn acquisition bids into political hot potato.

N.Y. Banking Supt. Siebert Demands ‘National Policy Review’ By Congress

by Kathy Burdman

On the World Credit Markets

by Kathy Burdman

The ghost of Keynes strikes out at European Monetary System.

Economic Outlook

U.S. Credit Markets Are Moving to the Short Side

by Richard Freeman

Commodities: Copper Price Boom Betokens Creation of ‘Common Fund’

by Renée Sigerson

Foreign Exchange: Cross-Stabilization of Yen and Deutchemark Is Under Pressure

by Susan Johnson

Keeping Tabs on the Economist

by Richard Schulman

Britain: British Production Figures Belie the Promise of the North Sea Boom

by Marla Minnicino

Gold Prices Reflect Dollar Stabilization

by Alice Shepard

Chinese Cancellations Shock Trading Community

by Peter Rush

Corporate Strategy: Would You Buy a Used Car from Lazard Frères?

by Peter Ennis

U.S. Report

The AFL-CIO Refuses Action on the Chinese Threat of War

Labor Periscope

Jack Jones Is in Detroit To Study UAW Model for Britain – Building Trades Union Leaders at Heritage Foundation Energy Conference – Teamster “Dissidents” in Trouble in Motor City.

Is the ADL Behind a U.S. Terrorism Outbreak?

by Robert Kay


Reform of the Antitrust Laws

by Felice Gelman

Kennedy sponsors “legal” onslaught against U.S. industry.

Who Joined Kennedy on the National Commission

Kennedy’s Illinois Brick Bill

The Metzenbaum Bill

Special Report

The Vatican’s World Diplomacy Is Key to Fight for Progress

by Vivian Zoakos

CELAM III: Policy Is Science, Growth

by Valerie Rush

The Cristero Heresy in Mexico and the Theology of Liberation

John Paul Affirms Industrial Growth

Populorum Progressio for World Peace

Who Is Archbishop Lefebvre and Who Does He Represent?

by Vivian Zoakos

World Trade

World Trade Review

New trade deals and cancelled deals.