Volume 6, Number 34, August 28, 1979


This Week

Murder, Inc. Targets LaRouche

by Nora Hamerman

The Week in Brief


Wheat Exports–A Set-Up in Duluth

by Steve Parsons

World Trade: Hodges Junior: No Better Than Senior?

by Richard Schulman

IMF Loosens Up ... a Little

by Susan Johnson

IMF Policy Fuels Speculation in U.S.

by Richard Freeman

‘Off Budget’ Borrowing Fannie Mae’s Delight

Midwest Rails: The Local Bailout Gambit

by Charles Leone

Commodities: Lomé II: Inconclusive Results

by Susan Cohen

Britain: Tory Chancellor Sees Bankruptcy as Good Business

by Marla Minnicino

U.S. Report

Presidency 1980: This Week: Wall Street’s John Connally

by Konstantin George

What’s Behind Rita Hauser


Behind the Heating Oil Swindle

by William Engdahl

Kennedy’s ‘Morgenthau Plan’ for the Northeast United States.

The Encono Bill: A $1.5 Billion Boondoggle

New York Plan Junks Nuclear To Burn Garbage – Roger Starr’s 1977 Interview on “Planned Shrinkage.”


EIR Sponsors Conference on Friedrich List

by Gunter Beyes

Concludes List’s political economic method key to Third World development.


Chicago’s Gangs: Who Benefits?

Part 3 of reporter Roy Harvey’s award-winning series.


AFL-CIO Votes Depression Program

by L. Wolfe

A look at how the labor federation’s policies are made.

Latin America

Nicaragua’s Revolution

by Gretchen Small

After a month in power, government announces reconstruction program.

London Wants a Showdown

Will U.S. Force Nicaragua To Radicalize?

‘All Must Send Aid’–Fidel Castro

A ‘High Command’ for Latin Energy

by Tim Rush

Who’s Who on the “Committee of 15” – Committee and Workshop Programs.

Economic Survey

Poland: Industrial Development or IMF Conditionalities?

by Luba George

Behind Poland’s ‘Bukharinites’

Middle East

Iran Slides Toward Civil War

by Judith Wyer

Georgetown Professor Backs Khomeini’s Pol Pot Economic Plan

The Pahlavi Dynasty Joins Dope, Inc.

Soviet Press Issues First Attack on Khomeini


Labor Periscope: UAW, NCLC Settle Lawsuits

Energy Extra: Japan Bungles Mexico Oil Bid

by Kevin Coogan and Tim Rush

Facts Behind Terrorism: U.S. Environmentalists Linked to Italy’s Red Brigades

by Ian Levit and Mark Sonnenblick

World Trade Review